Bruce Levenson and the NBA

The National Basketball Association is an internationally known and accredited entertainment league that oversees thirty professional basketball teams, one in Canada, and twenty nine in the United States. The Association also oversees a D-League, which players that are preparing for the NBA go to. The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States, let alone the world. People from all stretches of the world keep up with the NBA closely.

The Atlanta Hawks went pretty far in the playoffs in 2015, thanks to their well-rounded team. Their most recent owner, Bruce Levenson on, undoubtedly helped the Atlanta Hawks go as far as they did in the playoffs – they went to the Eastern Conference Finals (which means that the Atlanta Hawks were at least the second best team in the entire Eastern Conference).

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a well-known, wealthy, American businessman who is known for his excellent financial decisions. Mr. Levenson accumulated enough wealth to purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball club for around five hundred million dollars a few years ago. He sold the club shortly after he purchased it for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars. Talk about one heck of a profit!

The National Basketball Association has eighty two games in a standard season, plus four rounds of playoffs. There are two conferences: Western Conference and Eastern Conference. The games are always attended by thousands of people, but attendance usually ranges in the tens of thousands and the majority of all NBA games. Teams that are a part of the National Basketball Association are frequently shown on major news networks, such as ESPN, ABC, and NBC, to name a few.

The NBA is one of the four major sporting entertainment leagues in the United States, along with Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the National Football League. According to ratings, the NBA falls behind baseball and football as America’s favorite sport. Just because it is ranked third does not mean much because the National Basketball Association has fans from literally every country in the world.

In the playoffs of the NBA, there are four rounds. The best eight teams from each conference get in the playoffs (I should add that the last few weeks of the NBA season are usually pretty hectic, as it is not impossible for an eight seed to hop up to a one seed, and vice-versa). The first seed plays the eight seed, two seed plays seven, etc. All playoff series in the National Basketball Association are the best out of seven, so the first team to win four games in a series is declared the winner.

After the first round, the teams enter the second round of four. After that round, the Conference Finals occur. The Conference Finals are held in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, and consist of the two best teams in each conference. After the winners of those two series are declared, the two best teams go on to play each other in the NBA Finals.