Ben and Jerry’s Announce New Flavor

If dairy-free is how you live then you will be happy to here about the new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream coming out; although spokesperson Kelly Mohr wouldn’t give any specific dates, it is rumored to be in stores in the Spring of 2016 shared Steve Murray of Ben and Jerrys. They will be releasing a vegan ice cream where either almond or coconut milk will be the substitute.

Ben and Jerry’s fans have been asking for something new like this for quite some time and with the huge rise in vegan everything now-a-days, this is the perfect time! In the US there are vegan ice cream substitutes from smaller, less well-known, companies but Ben & Jerry’s will be first mainstream company that will do that. Ben and Jerry’s have always maintained their passion for the planet so it is no surprise that they have found an alternative to using dairy in there new ice cream.