George Soros Blasts Presidential Aspirant Donald Trump.

George Soros a known philanthropist, billionaire and author never minces his words when it comes to criticism. He airs his opinion in black and white and as he sees it. Recently Soros has been in the limelight for his sentiments about Donald Trump, the United States Presidential aspirant.

In an interview with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros used the forty-five minutes to give his opinion and thoughts on Trump’s campaign agenda; the anti-immigrant program. He accused Donald of doing the ISIS’s work. According to George, Trump’s idea of closing the United States’ border would give the Muslim community the opportunity to be terrorists as it leaves them with no choice. In the same interview, Soros said that the days of the ISIS are numbered, and soon the law will catch up with them.

George Soros is of the idea that the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and the increased activities of ISIS has created a big problem for Europe. The German Chancellor lost her political life when she allowed the refugees to enter the country. Soros compares his days as an immigrant from Hungary and the current refugee situation, in his days, the refugees were treated better as he was a foreigner for about 15 years and still managed to acquire education from one of the prestigious schools.

Georg Soros on the current market affairs criticized Janet Yelled and her colleagues at the Federal Reserve for increasing interest rates when the opportunities were no longer available. He says that the increment would have had better returns had they been done a year earlier.

Soros was born Budapest, Hungary. He fled his birth country in 1947 during the World War II to England. After graduating from the London School of Economics, he decided to settle in the United States, where he invested in banking and became one of the world richest people. Soros is the inventor and manager of the Open Society Foundations found in more than a hundred countries.

Apart from being a billionaire and a human rights activist, Mr. Soros has written many books on topics ranging from politics, globalization, open societies, economics, and philanthropy. His recent book talks about the fall of the European Union. This prediction is mostly based on the asylum situation. The book is titled “The Tragedy of the European Union“. The other books that he has authored include The Soros Lectures at Central European University, Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States among others.

George Soros’ opinions on the politics of the United States are dismissed as being partisan and biased, but his ideas on the economic and investments are read most as they are of great help.