The Positive Thoughts Project Makes Donating Pure Water to Children with Special Education Needs and the Disabled Possible One Post at a Time

QNET‘s RHYTHM Foundation has a great campaign that truly shows the power of positive thoughts, one thought at a time. By just posting a positive thought on the RHYTHM Foundation’s Facebook page for the Positive Thoughts project, QNET will donate after 500 posts a HomePure Red unit that will provide clean drinking water to the children that go to its school Taarana. Taarana helps children ages 6-16 with special education needs and that need special help academically such as children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Mild Autism Spectrum Syndrome and more. And if an additional 500 positive comments are posted during the last two weeks of the campaign, QNET will donate an additional RED unit for clean drinking water to Rashid Centre, a center for the disabled. Homepure RED units are advanced water purification systems that actually turn water into very pure Pi-water. Pi-water was first discovered by Dr. Yamashita in Japan who created a bio-water that has the properties that are the closest to the water that is contained in living bodies. This water contains a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous salt (Fe2Fe3). The HomePure water filtration system uses Fe2Fe3 to suppress the increase of excessive free radicals in the water.

It felt great to do something so simple and yet creative, to write a positive comment that I knew would help the campaign be able to donate clean water to children who need it and support organizations that help people most in need. By also sharing the Positive Thoughts Project on Facebook, the campaign can reach your whole Facebook Community. Multiple shares from people who see your post will then likely spread the campaign all around the world. It is also great to see a successful direct selling company like QNET make doing good business and putting humanitarian causes to work go hand in hand.