3 Things to Know about Rodrigo Terpins Rally Career

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally sensation. He is a rally driver, rider, and member of the Sertoes Rally team based in Brazil. He has enjoyed a lot of victories in the rally championship. He competes in the F1 prototype competition and he has achieved a lot in this category. Just recently, Rodrigo managed position seven and 22 overall.

Here is what to learn about his rally success:

  1. Rodrigo Derives His Rally Passion from Family

Even though Rodrigo’s father, Jack Terpins was not a rally sensation, he was actively involved in basketball. He was a great player in his youth and this pushed Rodrigo to engage in something different from Jack but which was able to earn him the same recognition. His dream for the rally is also stimulated by his brother Michel Terpins. Though Michel is younger and with more collections to his name, Rodrigo has always seen reason in making the family name proud by trying to complement his brother’s rally success.

  1. Partnership is Crucial to Rodrigo’s Success

Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabricio are a formidable team in the T1 competition. Their recent success at the Sertoes rally is mainly because of their longstanding partnership and this is why they have managed to overcome the tough terrains of Brazil. According to Terra.com, the Sao Paulo born Rodrigo is a humble guy and Fabricio understands this. They have a fair share of light moments and disappointments but what makes them effective is their team spirit.

  1. Rodrigo believes in Versatility

As an experienced driver, Terpin has participated in more than five Sertoes Rally competitions. Besides the Sertoes Rally, he also participates in other cross-country competitions. In 2011, he competed at the Mitsubishi Rally cup competition and he managed the second position. This was very impressive from him and his co-driver. Currently, he drives the T-Rex model but this does not stop him from trying others.


Over his years of driving experience in the Sertoes rally editions and cross country events, Rodrigo has developed both as a driver and a person. He is very instrumental towards the Terpins family popularity. In Brazil, Rodrigo is considered as an inspiring rally figure and a motivational pillar to lots of young Brazilian rally drivers. Visit terpins.com.br for more information.