How Samuel Strauch Has Helped Transform Miami’s Property Market

Samuel Strauch is one of the most prominent and successful real estate investors in Miami. Despite being a banker by profession, he has exceeded expectations and is renowned for making shrewd real estate investments that guarantee notable returns. Since starting his property company in 2002, he has transformed it into one of the leading lights in Florida’s real estate market.

Samuel’s Strauch’s incredible success is mainly owed to his exceptional ability to merge different ideas into pragmatic business models. Over the years, he has carved the niche for himself in the fields of property brokerage, acquisition, management, development, and equity sourcing. Besides Florida, he has extensive investments in Latin America. In recent years, he has been making inroads into the hospitality and Internet markets in a bid to diversify his investment portfolio.

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What Inspires Samuel Strauch

The investor points out that when he made his inaugural visit to Miami, he was inspired by the rapid real estate development that was taking place, and the city’s transformation from a tourist hotspot into a seaside metropolis. After realizing the huge potential in the property market, he teamed up with other investors who helped him start off. His success is attributed to his unique ability to fortify partnerships with all stakeholders in the real estate business. Such partnerships have enabled Mr. Strauch to position his company for success in the highly competitive industry.

Samuel Strauch employs a proactive and future-oriented approach whenever he makes business deals. He is involved in the day-to day operations of his company, something that has endeared him to clients and foreign investors all the more. In addition, he always ensures that every business opportunity is evaluated thoroughly. Mediation has also been a crucial component of his corporate career since it helps him have better control over his personal and professional decisions. Samuel Strauch asserts that he is ready to work with other like-minded investors to continue transforming Miami’s property market.

Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto – A Highly Successful And A Genius Entrepreneur At JHSF

JHSF is a leading name in the real estate sector in Brazil. It is involved in the free area of housing in Brazil in commercial and residential incorporation. It is instrumental in developing various hotels, shopping centers and also an international airport.

It was established in the year 1972, and it is known for its ability to recognize some chances in the market where it functions. It has got the potential to exhibit many alternatives in the projects to provide excellent options in the development of the projects.

JHSF has made its presence felt in capitals like Salvador, Sao Paolo, and Manaus. This firm has got four business units comprising of Fasano hotel and restaurants, shopping centers and airports.

It is a forty-two-year-old firm that is listed in the corporate governance section in the year 2007. JHSF is focused on the income part that develops and also does the management of the commercial towers and shopping malls. There are four shopping malls such as Shopping Ponta Negra, Fashion outlet, shopping Bela Vista and also the Jardins.

JHSF has got immense experience in the market. It has made a mark in creativity and development. JHSF is the first and foremost company in Brazil of the segment to include hotels in its venture. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto got into the position of the executive president of the JHSF.

Mr. Neto is a successful businessman and the chairman of JHSF board of directors; He has got a wife and children in New York. They adhere to the establishment of the high rise apartment building with the JHSF hotel service that faces Central Park. The rooms will be available for rent and are not for sale. This is a great master plan.

Mr. Neto manages the retail portfolio and also the great shopping by the groups. He takes care of the shopping complex by the name of Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. Some developments in the Sao Paolo district are in the construction phase in the developing market in Brazil.

Mr. Neto organized the first operation of the group into retail and also different partnership agreements with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes and also opening of the highly expensive brands in JHSF.

Jason Halpern’s Affect on Real Estate Investment

Business Icon: Jason Halpern

When it comes to creating works of art with extensive amounts of money, real estate development tops the list. This exclusive industry is very popular, exciting, and profitable to say the least. The U.S. is home to one of the very best developers in the world and that firm is known as JMH Development. This is a family owned business that has over 30 years in the game. As of today, (JMH) is being run by it’s founder and managing partner Jason Halpern. This guy has done a tremendous here as the firm has completed over $500 Million in projects over the past 10 years. JMH is a commercial and residential developer that’s based out of New York. JMH focuses on the luxurious side of business as it has created many works of art all across the country.


Jason Halpern at Aloft

One of it’s biggest and most prominent projects was the Aloft South Beach in the sunshine state. This massive 235 room posed a challenge, but with Jason Halpern running the show, he managed to turn this dream into a reality. Staying true to the hotels natural design was the goal and thanks to Halpern’s broad preservation knowledge, the hotels art deco architecture remained in tact and modernized.

Jason Halpern


Halpern’s respect for historic areas has pushed him and the firm to the top of many lists when it comes to choosing a real estate developer. The Aloft Hotel has a prime waterfront locations, it’s surrounded by boutiques, restaurants, museums, and nightclubs. The project was completed on time as expected and it hosts larger rooms that the competition, fitness center, outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, and a huge convention room.

Halpern and JMH Development has worked up and down the eastern seaboard and in some of the most affluent areas such as Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, New York. The future looks very bright for the company and with Jason Halpern in the picture, the real estate scene will be looking much more better.


Samuel Strauch, A leading Expert On The Complex Real Estate Market Of Miami

Miami is a booming city with a very diverse population. The rental prices in Miami now rank as ninth in the United States and it continues to climb the rankings. The average rent price of just a one bedroom apartment is $1800 per month. Cheap rentals can be found in certain parts of the city like Brownsville or Liberty City. The average cost of a family home is $310,000 and is well above the nation’s average of $235,000. The average home cost has risen by $22,000 in just the past year.


Many Latin Americans, especially Mexicans, have been pouring money into Miami’s real estate market over the years. Read more here.


According to, the average cost of land is not at an all time high of $189 per square foot. The Miami Beach area has especially received a boom of investment, raising the cost per square foot of land to $7,000. Fisher Island is also amongst one of the most costly areas in all of the United States.


Samuel Strauch is a well educated, and highly experienced real estate agent competing in the bull market of the Miami Beach area. He has a diverse portfolio from low cost apartments to luxury homes. One of his most notable, recent transaction was the sale of a home on Collins Avenue for $889,000.


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He has been in the game for over 14 years and owns his own company, Metrik Real Estate. Not only is he active in Miami, but other parts of Florda as well. He has sold homes as far as Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale. He is also an active investor in the real estate market of Latin America.


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