Investing in Fine Wines

If your Tech Start-up has just had a successful IPO, or your latest “rap” release topped the charts, you may be in the position of deciding where to put a large sum of money. If your family’s estate has appreciated, and you have sold land to a developer for a profit, you may need help finding a safe investment for your gains. In any of these situations, you may soon be targeted by cold callers telling you to invest in fine wines. They have names like Cult Wines, UK Wine Investment, St. Andrews House, and Wine Investment House. If you have little wine experience beyond a preference for Cabernet or Chardonnay, then how are you going to decide what are good wine investments?

The significant issues is whether wines are really a good long term investment? UK Vintners provides a very readable chart that shows the relative return of a portfolio of fine wines compared to various financial indices. The answer is clear and undeniable that wine, as an investment, has out stripped all of the other indices and investments. Investing in wines is also a stable mature investment. The price of fine wines only goes up, because the availability is finite. The availability of wine decreases over time as wines are drunk, and there are few remaining bottles for purchase. As an investment, fine wines are outstanding and perform better than other potential investments.

Another advantage is you can enjoyably drink your assets. If you want to have a high end celebration, opening a 1982 Lafite is the ultimate statement of knowledge of quality and excellence taste. Drinking a bottle of 1982 Lafite goes beyond an excess of money and enthusiasm to making a statement about the superiority a quality life. Your quality of life is enhanced.

The best way to put together a portfolio or cellar of fine wine is to have a skilled knowledgeable representative provide the insurance, storage and brokering services you need. Full service includes investing and trading. UK Vintners offers such services. You do not have to invest thousands of hours in learning curves and sommelier courses to buy wines. Build a personal relationship with a company that can buy and sell wines for you, manage assets and help make sound choices in selecting wines. UK Vintner is the company that can meet your wine investment needs as well as your joy in drinking the finest quality of wines.

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