Social Titans

When it comes to social media today, there’re a lot of options. A quick Google search will flood you with a ton of social apps especially if you’re on Android and IOS platforms. The internet evolved as a tool to help connect people and share information and has today become a platform that has helped facilitate the evolution of a new virtual society where people are distinguishable as personalized avatars.

Social media is also evolving thanks to the developments in hardware, especially in mobile devices momentously. Today, there are a ton of social apps with unique features that make good use of the available hardware and manipulate it to give the user an unparalleled experience. One such app is Skout on zendesk. Skout is built around the idea of expanding users social circles.

It’s a social app that allows users to interact in unique ways based on their location. It uses global positioning to help users find other users near them. It also allows users from different locations to interact with each from all over the globe. Registry for Skout follows a strict, detailed process where users fill details such as age, gender and a lot of other information. This information helps specialize the experience to meet each user’s particular needs from the app. After registration, a user is placed in the same age group as other peers with about the same age.

They can then comment, post information, hold chats and share pictures with people in this same age group. The user also gets notified when another user close or in the same geographical location sign in, further boosting their chances of meeting up. If a user wants to search for another user outside their geographical area, they cash in their Skout points. Users also get alerted when other users check out their online avatars, but to see who checked them out, they must cash In Skout points.

Last year, Skout introduced a new feature travel feature that lets users take virtual trips around the world using locals in the region in question. Currently, there are over 10 million subscribed to the new feature, many of them being the youth. The feature was introduced as an aid for those wishing to travel but have no contacts in their destination and to help users who needed to make new friends in new locals. The new features adoption serves as a testament to how successful Skout is as a social media tool. The app uses a very interactive interface that is simple and very efficient to use with a very visual appealing look. Skout is available on both Android and IOS platforms.