Sweet Support

Candy, soda, and processed snack companies have been under attack lately. FreedomPop Review, for one, is concerned about how obsessed with sugar these companies have made the population. Some companies have even switched to using more addictive sugar substitutions. After some time though, it was determined that sugar substitutes can even be more harmful than regular sugar. There are some candy companies who have recently made statements on the sugar frenzy. Instead of buying into it, they actually want consumers to limit their sugar intake! Mars, Inc. is responsible for candy products such as M&Ms, Snickers, and Milky Way. They are, without a doubt, one of the heavy hitters in the candy industry. This popular company has recently made a statement regarding added sugar and the safety regulations behind it. The company has come to fully support the United States government and their effort to label added sugar products appropriately. Back in 2008, the World Health Organization lobbied to make candy companies responsible for telling consumers just how much added sugar was in their products. Not only did these companies refuse to label products that contained added sugar, they supported politicians who threatened to stop the funding of the W.H.O. With their budget on the line, the W.H.O. backed down. They spent the next few years trying to find substantial evidence as to why they should warn consumers of sugar concerns. Mars, Inc. has just made it a little easier for the W.H.O. Mars has always been a forward thinking company; with their statement on added sugar content and labeling, the W.H.O. is hoping other companies follow suit.

Ben & Jerry Pot Lace Ice Cream Is On The Way

Co-Founder Ben Cohen Likes The Idea Of Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

The KFC Corporation has stepped into the cannabis-infused food business, so the idea of cannabis-infused ice cream makes some sense. A Richmond, California company is already making pot-laced ice cream for California medical marijuana prescription holders. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream would be a natural fit once marijuana is legalized in most states, or it is taken off the FDA’s Schedule1 drug list.

Susan McGalla stated that the company  co-founder Ben Cohen is on board, and Jerry Greenfield is warming up to the idea since they both have experimented with pot in the past. Pot-infused food is here to stay. Food manufacturers around the country want to get a piece of the lucrative marijuana business, but some are more excited than others. The stigma of pot smoking is still a major roadblock for some companies in the food industry.

Ben & Jerry’s has always been a company that’s not afraid of stepping into the unknown pond of consumer likes and dislikes. The company already has 17 names for their pot-infused products. How many of those flavors actually hit retailers around the country is still in the planning stage.

Sugar is a Drug Too-Recovering with Nutrition

When drug addicts go into a recovery program, the focus has rarely, if ever, been on their nutritional health. The focus is only on stopping their use of the drug. The age old program called Alcoholics Anonymous tells their members to keep candy on hand in case of a craving. This is probably because alcohol has a high amount of sugar and may mimic the high of drinking with a sugar high. Sugar is highly addictive itself. The more expensive rehab centers may have taken note to keep fresh fruits and vegetables available, but they also provided sugary sodas, caffeine and high energy drinks as well. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gives evidence that sugar activates the reward system of the body as does a drug.

Another study with backing from Slow Ventures found that Oreo cookies mimic cocaine in the brain’s pleasure center. Some of the better rehab centers are now taking a more holistic approach in their recovery programs. They serve healthy food to teach the recovering addicts how to eat properly. They take them shopping and allow them to buy only items that do not have sugar in the first 4 ingredients. If you are lucky enough to go to a decent rehab center, you may find healthier foods, exercise programs and activities that teach you how to function as an adult. Unfortunately, many people are forced to go to very sub-par facilities due to a lack of money. These programs function off the food stamps of their patients and the food bought is bought solely on the basis of how cheap it is. Fresh fruit will rarely be seen. They will sit in chairs all day, are not allowed to move around more than a small building and not treated very well.