Visual Search To The Rescue of Budget Fashion Users

The biggest problem faced by a budget fashion user is regarding a balance between cost and style. An old fashionista adage is that one can’t have the best of both world. Thanks to companies like Slyce promoting visual search technology, this adage is soon going to become redundant. As a technology, visual search is a simple enough concept that has been seen on major search engines for a long time now. As an application, however, it is still relatively new. Especially in fashion where everything is driven by visuals, visual search on technology has pretty much revolutionized the way people shop online.

So, what do budget fashion users have to gain using visual search technology. Here is the low down on everything people might want to know about this –

Click Your Way To Happy Shopping – Visual search technology works in a simple way through people’s phone apps. By simply clicking a picture of an amazing pair of shoes, distressed denims, polka dot shirt and other fashion necessities, the user can store the image in their phone’s camera/photo app. The visual search app then gets the image from the photo app and searches the relevant places for it. Then it turns up results that would be appropriate for the user and often, they are bang on the money.

Find Stores That Hold Your Kind Of Items – Visual search is not just a search-engine using pictures, it is an intelligent technology that understands the tastes and requirements of the user. For instance, if a user is into distressed skinny denims, the app will also recommend other items like distressed shorts. If someone is into bohemian apparel, the app will return results for tribal print leggings, bohemian jewelry, harem pants, and so much more. Another great feature of the app is that instead of relying on sites that charge international shipping, if a similar item is available in a local store, the visual search technology would recommend that to the user.

No Special Hardware Needed For Better Shopping Experience – Small fashion houses and boutiques would benefit immensely from embracing this technology since it doesn’t require any special hardware. By simply using visual search, they can ensure that more people are aware of their affordable products and their brand awareness would grow at a steady rate. It would also help to improve sales and profits of small enterprises and give them an edge over big competitors in the industry who have more resources at their disposal.

Slyce is a company that has created an industry standard for visual search technology with their innovative app and website. The company has found various applications for this technology and is finally helping other industries get in on the action.

Personal Hotspot Tips: Reducing Your Data Consumption While Tethering

Personal Hotspot is one of the versatile features of iPad and iPhones that allow users to share their device internet connection (3G or 4G LTE) with up to five other connected devices through Wi-Fi. It’s every telecommuter and mobile user’s dream as it provides users with an opportunity to share their internet connectivity with their Macs, iPods, iPads, or PCs. However, it is important to note that tethering internet connection can also eat through your Hotspot data plans ridiculously fast. Accordingly, it is pertinent to reduce your overall data consumption when tethering. Here is an overview of a few tips that you can apply:

Turn Off your iCloud and Dropbox Syncing

Disable cloud syncing apps such as iCloud and Dropbox to prevent them from continually syncing changes to their servers and slowly whittling away your data plan. You can always restore these settings when you are using a normal Wi-Fi network.

Disable OS Update Automatic Downloads

Keeping your operation systems and software up to date is always a great maintenance tip. However, to save on your cellular data, you need to disable them when you are not in a network connection with plenty of bandwidth.

Watch Non-HD videos

Although HD videos may appear leaps and bounds, they can consume so much of your cellular data that if you are not careful can blow the whole of your monthly data plan after watching just a single video. Accordingly, if you must watch a video on your Hotspot connection, go for low-definition versions and you will save hundreds of MB data.

Disable Browser Automatic Updates

Popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome often release updates and will automatically download and update in the background. While it may seem very convenient on a regular internet connection, it can blow between 20MB and 100 MB very easily.

Switch to Freedom Pop’s Free Data Plans

A new company , FreedomPop is offering data plans that seem to be too good to be true: 200MB of data, 200 texts, and 200 minutes of call—through your choice of wireless hotspot or suitable USB stick. Their deal also emphasizes on free international calls to 60 countries and an allowance to roll over your data to subsequent months.

FreedomPop is a mobile carrier company that provides fast mobile phone and wireless data services. The company was founded in 2011 with a goal of eliminating the digital divide that exist in most societies and to provide mobile phone services and free wireless internet access to everyone, everywhere. The company was launched in Beta and continues to update their services based on their customers’ feedback and reviews. Besides their lucrative data offers, they have are also launching a free roaming data SIM service called Jetsetter later in the year. With this service, users will be given 100MB free high speed data on monthly basis for use in France, U.K, and Spain and will later expand to more than 20 countries. They have also signed a deal with other six carriers, which will further cover nine countries for further rollouts.