Mikhail Blaosklonny The Scientist

When you talk about life extension, Mikhail Blaosklanny must be part of the discussion. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist that is known for his work and research on oncology. He has dedicated his work to the study of cancer and also aging.

Education and career

Mikhail earned his Doctor of Medicine in internal medicine at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikhail-blagosklonny-91abb531. He also did his Ph.D. in experimental medicine both from the first Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg.

In 2002, he was appointed as the associate professor of medicine in the New York Medical College. He was later promoted to the position of senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in New York. This is a position he has held since then till 2009. In the same year, Mikhail was appointed the professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute on tandfonline.com. This is a position he holds till today. It is a research facility that has dedicated to studying and bring personalized medicine.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been involved in different research programs that focus on cancer and the therapies that have been adapted. He has also done studies on the mechanism of aging.

In addition to him studying cancer therapies he is involved in different studies including;

« Molecular biology
« Cellular biology
« Tumor suppression
« Mitosis
« Apoptosis
« Signal transduction
« Drug resistance

He is the author of the hyperfunction theory of aging and also the anti-cancer approaches- the chemotherapeutic engineering and also the cell psychotherapy on wikipedia.org.

His hypothesis

His hypothesis titled “why human lifespan is rapidly increasing: solving “longevity riddle” with ‘revealed-slow-aging'” seeks to research on the different mechanisms involved in the aging process. In the research paper, he discusses the genetic variants that may increase the survival of the early life. Mikhail Blagosklonny studied TOR- the mechanistic target of the rapamycin and its role in aging and cancer.

He has discussed at length why slow aging has been manifested as healthy aging and why the deterioration rate is independent of aging.

The editorial activities

He has been involved in different editorial activities. Mikhail is the editor-in-chief of different articles including; aging, cell cycle and the Oncotarget. He is the part of the editorial team of Cancer biology and therapy. He also becomes part of the Cell Death and Differentiation editorial team.

His different papers have been quoted in review processes and on different blogs. He published approximately 270 research papers with over 25,000 citations.