Tic Tac Flavors Are Evolving

The younger generation out there seems to change directions a lot with their tastes, and that is why the Tic Tac company has decided to branch out a little bit and expand their line of snacks. According to an article found on Eater.com, the brand hasn’t even brought out any new flavors since 2008 and now it is time to switch things up a bit.

The new Tic Tacs are going to be called Tic Tac Mixers and they are designed to change their flavors half way through eating them.  Sam Tabar thinks that this is a fantastic idea, because the researchers are right, many kids don’t have the attention span these days to really enjoy one kind of taste to the candy on their own. This will be a revolutionary move by the company and the idea itself is very intriguing. Apparently they had to send some employees out to go talk to people and figure out what exactly it is that people are on the hunt for. What they found is that more often kids are getting bored with their snacks and candy, so adding in Tic Tac mixers will be a great way to get exposure and build a bigger fan base that will draw in more customers too. It will be exciting to see what blends of flavors will be coming out, and I know that I will be looking for them too.