Doctor Sergio Cortes’ Commentary On The Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has spread from it’s place of origin in Africa. It has now spread to a lot of different countries, throughout the world. One of the places hit by the Zika Virus is Brazil. It has also hit Brazil pretty hard, with 1200 incidents of suspected Zika Virus complications. This has occurred over a period of only about a year, and this is the entirety of the span of time that the virus has existed in Brazil. That’s how new the virus is to the country. The virus is not a health concern in the same manner that many other epidemics have been. The vast majority of dangerous epidemics tend to cause severe or even life threatening symptoms in the afflicted person. This is not generally the case with the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus is dangerous for a different reason. It causes alterations in the brain development of babies of mothers who were infected with the Zika Virus while pregnant. Also, the Zika Virus is different from many other diseases, because it isn’t spread person to person. It’s exclusive means of transmission is through mosquito bites.

Luckily, it is possible to take measures to keep from getting the Zika Virus. Doctor Sergio Cortes says it’s important for pregnant women to take these measures. If one can avoid being bitten by mosquitos, they will also avoid getting the Zika Virus. To avoid mosquito bites, hours when mosquitos are stirring will be best avoided.

Medical attention is strongly advised if a pregnant woman seems to be having symptoms of the Zika Virus. This is even advised with regard to mild symptoms. Doctors are unable to use any type of tests to check for the Zika Virus. However, symptoms of infection are identifiable by doctors. When anyone, including a pregnant woman, has the Zika Virus, the symptoms can be relieved to some degree through treatment. However, the Zika Virus cannot be treated in and of itself. Of course, scientists are working on developing treatments for this potentially serious illness.

The virus seems to show no signs of slowing down. Over the course of time, it has spread to a very large range of regions, such as Asia and North America, in addition to Brazil. The virus has been infected numerous people around the world, and it has led to a startling rise in the number of birth defects. The babies that are affected by these birth defects often are born without the basic cognitive abilities that many people take for granted. In Brazil, there has even been an infant that likely died from Zika Virus complications. There also have been two cases of adult deaths that are thought to have been Zika Virus related.