Harvard Business Graduate Sarah Kauss and Starbucks Make a S’well Team

When a worldwide, household known company like Starbucks takes an interest in a small business producing stainless-steel water bottles, the founder may be a bit stunned. And Sarah Kauss, Harvard Business Graduate and founder of S’well, was just that. Her small company was just under two years old when Starbucks invited her to Seattle and that started a relationship that sparked some major growth and nationwide recognition for her stylish, double insulated water bottles.

In 2013 Starbucks introduced the S’well water bottle in 120 stores in the Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX areas with great success. So much so that in August of 2015 the non-leaching, non-toxic bottles were introduced nation-wide at over 3,000 Starbucks stores. As you can imagine, this caused some major growth in business and the small company with two employees grew to a staff of 35 and is projected to have it’s second year of 400% growth in 2015.

This growth has also given S’well a chance to show it’s philanthropic side. Sarah Kauss wanted to work with water charities from the start and the once small company has now donated $100,000 to UNICEF supporting it’s effort to supply drinking water to children in countries where it is not readily available and lends support to other programs such as Drink Up, and American Forests. And with Starbucks efforts to create more energy efficient stores and conserve water they seem to have found the perfect company to team up with in S’well.