Deirdre Baggot on the Bundled Payments Innovation.

Most people know her as a Healthcare Business Strategist as she has also been involved in payment innovation. She has gained international recognition due to her knowledge of bundled payments. Currently, she is a resident of Denver. She has spent many years pursuing higher education. From the University of Colorado, she acquired a Ph.D. in Philosophy and an MBA from the Quinlan School of Business. Earlier in her career, to be part of the administration at SCL Health. She later moved to serve as a senior vice president at GE Healthcare Partners. During her tenure at GE Healthcare, she started focusing on bundled payments. Read more article by Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

Over the years, the healthcare strategist has shared her knowledge through the publication of more than 20 papers. Through the 20 pieces, she offers insights on how various organizations could benefit from the use of bundled payments. According to her, the firms that use the innovation are likely to be more competitive in the healthcare industry. There are several types of bundled payments, and they all have varying features. Therefore, some may be suitable for some organizational setups than others. She urges Accountable Healthcare Organizations to be cautious as they choose the bundles to adopt. Ms. Baggot points out that a significant number of startups make a wrong move in their decision.

Deirdre Baggot has previously worked as a clinician and part of the management of health facilities. Over the years, she has helped firms to generate an estimated revenue of over $5 million. She has also been hired as a consultant in the designing of suitable bundled payment plans for various employers, commercial payors, and Medicare. Ms.Deirdre Baggot’s work has benefited more than 200 hospitals. Her innovations are popular as they help firms to reduce operational costs and improve service delivery to the patients. Due to her vast experience and knowledge, she has been appointed as an adviser for boards of various health facilities.

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