Dr. Johanan Rand Offers New Hope To Sufferers Of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Johanan Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist based out of New Jersey who specializes in degenerative conditions (Gazetteday). More specifically, he focuses his research and practice on conditions that are common, as we grow older. Seniors face a number of conditions that worsen with age and Dr. Rand wants to find better ways to treat these conditions.

One degenerative condition that Dr. Johanan Rand has been especially successful in treating is erectile dysfunction. The condition, commonly referred to simply as ED, can affect males of any age, but is most often experienced by older men.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction, including the individual’s emotional state. Other factors include the individual’s eating habits and level of physical activity. Dr. Johanan Rand has developed an approach that looks at these factors in relation to the person’s overall state of health. Under his direction, technicians draw and analyze blood and conduct other tests to determine what the body is lacking on the way of essential minerals and vitamins.

From there, a total treatment plan is developed to return the patient to an optimum state of health. This will generally include dietary changes to address those deficiencies. By supplying the body with the vitamins and minerals that it has been lacking, many degenerative conditions can either be reversed or their progression slowed.

It isn’t just diet alone that solves the problem, although adding the proper nutrients does go a long way. In combination with a guided physical fitness program, patients are also administered hormone therapy treatments. Since the body produces fewer hormones as we age, the treatments help restore a normal balance to the body. Dr. Johanan Rand feels confident that the complete system works to alleviate degeneration in the mind and body.

Patients eager to try the therapy designed by Dr. Johanan Rand are cautioned that this isn’t a quick fix. It involves lifestyle changes that may take some adjusting. Even then, results aren’t immediate, but take time and evolve gradually. This is a comprehensive plan for those who want to improve their lives, so they can remain healthier for longer.


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