Drew Madden: What Will Happen When CVS And Amazon Collide?

Is there going to be an epic blowup when Amazon enters the healthcare market? This has to be the kind of question that executives at companies like CVS are asking themselves out loud at the moment. They have every reason to be concerned about things. After all, their entire company could be on the line when it comes down to it. They risk losing out to the likes of Amazon simply due to the economics of scale. That is to say that Amazon could take over a big portion of the healthcare market rather quickly simply based on its size and how many people rely on it for so many things on a regular basis.

Madden has made a life of following stories like this. He has to in order to protect his livelihood. He works as a healthcare information technology entrepreneur. Before that, he was someone who worked in the industry as an employee. Putting it simply, he has always had some role in the industry throughout most of his career.

This is the kind of thing that makes Drew Madden appeal to the hearts and minds of a lot of people. He is someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Now he observes CVS and Amazon and believes that when the dust settles the consumer will be at an advantage. Check out his website drew-madden.com

Amazon might be applying for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products through the country, but what is so wrong about that? They sell all kinds of other things already, so to add this to the list basically just makes good and common sense.

CVS might not like that Amazon is getting involved in their business. They would probably prefer it if they could keep this competition out. If they cannot stop Amazon, then they will do the next best thing. So far that has been to purchase the healthcare insurance company called Aetna. This has allowed them to create a more one-stop shop feeling to their mission. In other words, they have actually made it possible to get your insurance and prescriptions all from the same place. That is changing the game, but in a very positive way for customers.

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  1. Stuffs like this happen in business but what always count is how the firms involved handle the situation and that is why I love Amazon. According to do my paper I that the approach that the both parties has taken is really a good one though they should always draw a boundary among themselves. Competition is good for business but some are actually very unhealthy.

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