Equities First Holdings was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Indiana Indianapolis, Equities First Holdings, LLC is an alternative lending services provider. For more than one decade now, the company has been consistently supplying investor and individual businesses securities lending services. The company provides its loans after evaluating future treasuries, bonds and stocks risk and performance.

The company has lots of other international agencies in Switzerland, Thailand, Australia and the UK. All these agencies maintain close satellite office connection with the Indianapolis central office. Equities First Holdings is ready to present you with the necessary investment capital.

The company’s office in Australia recently achieved a remarkable business milestone through a partnership with ECT (Environmental Clean Technologies Limited). EFH/A Pty Ltd Equities First Holdings Australia and ECT have reached the agreement transactions currently being negotiated for major expansions in India. Based in Melbourne, ECT is an affiliate of the Australian Stock Exchange and operates under the ESI: ASX ticker symbol. ECT is a major industry player with the specialty in iron-making technology, revolutionary coal beneficiation, and R&D engineering commercialization.

This joint venture is expected to consume multi-million dollars, and the capital is planned for developing research facility in India. It seems a viable plan, and with ECT’s solid management, the two companies have declared future success together.Al Christy, Jr. is the Equities CEO and President, who has shown a great joy to have the chance of supplying necessary funding to help ECT achieve company financial goals and support the company’s efforts in cracking emerging minerals and energy technology. ECT Chairman Glenn Ford, on the other hand, showed joy for having secured securities based lending from the most leading global financial. You too can be part of your company expansion. You can contact Equities First Holdings, LLC for the most innovative capital financing.

Respecting Equities First Holdings: newsboost.com/newsroom/marketwired/equities-first-holdings-relocates-melbourne-offices

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