Express Your Inner Goddess With Lime Crime Hair Dye Colors

Are you looking to make a change? Do you feel restricted by the color choices you have for your hair? Are you wanting to make a bold statement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are some new choices for you to choose from when you choose Lime Crime for your next hair dye choices.

1.Moonchild- The lavender overtones are great for those who are drawn to pastels.

2.Cloud- The light blue hair dye offers a dye choice that is perfect for those people who love the bold choice of blue but without the boldness of bright blue.

3.Kawaii- This form of pastel purple is great for parties and events

4.Mint Ice- This is a very popular choice for those who love frosted mint.

5.Tweet- Yellow chick color that is perfect for blonds.

6.Valentine- The crimson color that lets blonds be redheads for a period of time.

7.Bubblegum Rose- The pink shade is great for those who love the color of bubblegum.

8.Aesthetic- Mauve color which is great for parties, social events or any other form of special occasions.

Lime Crime is working hard to ensure that while developing the very popular hair products, that they allow for users to feel a sense of freedom, self expression as well as independence when they start to dye their hair with Lime Crime hair dye.

The Lime business is in the business sense that it allows for creative thinking as well as encouraging users to express their own needs and desires through their makeup. If you have grey hair already and are looking for something to hide the grey, this line of dye is perfect for users to conceal their grey hairs.

Each shade of dye is vibrant is will allow for the saturated color to be used in an organic and natural way. The line of color is like the rest of the line of cosmetics from the Lime-Crime business, it contains no animal fats as well as being certified as being tested animal free. For now, there are 21 shades of color for you to choose from when dying your hair.

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