How Richard Mishaan Designs Transforms a Room Into Art

Richard Mishaan Design has become well-known for its interior design which involves mixing patterns, colors, and textures in unique ways. He designs rooms in luxury homes as well as at upscale hotels. He also has his own line of products, including furniture and lighting, that is available for sale at his retail location in New York City called Homer.

Using his key eye for design, at Richard Mishaan Design he can mix elements such as a seventeenth-century coach with a modern sculpture in a way that they achieve harmony. He performs his work in a number of locations in the world. This includes his native Columbia as well as the Dominican Republic. In addition to New York, he has also designed homes in Florida.

Unlike some designers, at Richard Mishaan Design he knows that crafting a stylish room is more about having a good eye for it then lavishly spending money. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it should be bought and used in a room. He follows this himself, with his own home featuring a couch that was created more than twenty years ago. He has said that if you buy something of good quality it can literally last you for a lifetime.

His retail location, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York, sells his lines of products. He also sells other items ranging everywhere from vintage to contemporary. In order to keep things fresh and exciting, he changes the product mix each season of the year.

At Richard Mishaan Design he opens up a space by the effective use of color. He will often paint the walls a rich color while leaving the ceiling with a warm white color that accents the walls. Richard Mishaan Design has become known as one of the best design and architectural firms in the world.

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