Let USHEALTH Group Take Care of Your Needs

USHEALTH Group, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, is committed to the best service possible for their patients. USHEALTH Group has provided stellar service to over 15 million customers through its insurance companies for mover 50 years. USHEALTH Group recognizes tat every individual has different needs an they strive to provide tailored options to every individual.

USHEALTH Group provides many different plans, including PremierChoice, Secure Advantage, SeacureDental, Premier Vision, and MedGuard. They also offer Life Protector, Accident Protector, Income Protector, and Essential Health Benefit insurance.

PremierChoice lets you choose you own In-Network provider and you get more coverage without additional underwriting. Secure Advantage offers a rate that you can lock in for 12, 24, or 36 months and even has flexible deductible choices. SecureDental gives you the option to choose a Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, or Saver Plan. Premier Vision has an network of over 71,400 providers and will save you up to 84 percent. MedGuard may be for you if you need coverage for a critical illness. LifeProtector is a 10 year term Life Insurance that provides protection to help with house and car payments, childcare, and is not taxable to Beneficiaries. Accident Protector is a good plan if you want extra coverage for unpredictable misfortunes. This plan will provide lump sums of money if your injury was because of an accident and resulted in a loss. Income protector will provide benefits monthly to assist with bill payments and other expenses if you find yourself without a paycheck. USHEALTH Group also offers an Essential Health benefit plan to help provide coverage for all ten of the health services covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.

USHEALTH Group also offers online tools and a 24/7 hotline to enable you to review your benefits online, make decisions about your personalized healthcare, and locate participating providers. You can also look at your prescription history and plan, find prescription treatments and costs, and find out some home delivery options. USHEALTH Group has all of your insurance needs covered and will help you to protect the people you love.

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