Maggie Gill Partners With Eon for a Healthier Society

Maggie Bags CEO Position


If there is a woman young girls can look up to, it has to Maggie Hill. Maggie has garnered a lot of experience through her career. She currently serves as the President of Memorial Health. Also, she is the Chief Executive Officer of the facility, her roles being running the day to day activities. Memorial Health is a medical facility with over 604 beds for patients. Abbreviated as MUMC, the University of Memorial Medical Centre offers services to all patients across South East Georgia and Southern Carolina. Having joined the facility in 2004, Maggie was appointed the Vice President. Her roles revolved around care and finance control. She was later elevated to Chief Operating Officer within a year. In 2011, Maggie’s position was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and President.


Career and Education


Before joining Memorial Health, Gill was the Senior Financial Officer of Florida Health System located in South Tenet. She was an employee of Coral Gables Hospital and North Shore Hospital located in Miami. Gill also worked for Palmetto Hospital located in Hialeah. Before her roles in the listed medical facilities, Gill went to the Florida State University where she acquired a Bachelor’s degree and later an MBA from the University of Saint Leo. Being a studious lady, Gill attended the Wharton School for critical thinking and managerial courses.


Roles at MUMC


With her enormous experience in the medical field, Maggie controls the trauma department, corporate communications, orthopaedic programs, Memorial Health Department of Physicians and Neuroscience. She is also in charge of Heart and Vascular School, financial assistance department, internal audit and government relations. Gill offers leadership skills for both junior and superior staff in the health facility. In 2016, she was featured in the Chief Executive Officer categories in the health care system.


MUMC Healthcare Plan


In 2016, MUMC joined Eon in the objective to offer a new Medical Plan for the residents of South Carolina and Georgia. The healthcare plan featured affordable pharmaceutical costs in addition to medical bills. The program was accessible to all patients since 2016, which marked its commencement year. With the plan, patients with chronic and terminal illnesses enjoy the program of special needs programs. Maggie continues to promise her full involvement in developing more Medicare Advantage Plans for the residents in the bid to fight disease and protect health. She continues to partner with Eon and other health organizations to offer medical insurance plans for a healthier society.

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