Nobilis Health Corporation: Growth and Success Story

As of Early December of 2014, North Star has changed its name to Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobilis Health Corp. is a publicly traded company that is currently partners with various physicians in the ownership of the management section of ambulatory and acute care facilities as well as healthcare servicing. Nobilis owns and manages rising trends in five ambulatory surgery centers, a few in Houston, Texas, and one in Dallas, Texas. The fifth center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, Nobilis works one care hospital in Houston. Nobilis Health Corp. additionally owns and manages an increase in interest of two imaging centers and a urgent care clinic. For additional information, visit their online site.

Nobilis Health Corp: a healthcare facility and major marketing firm announced that it finalized a $25 million debt financing facility plan with GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. The facility will be used to help Nobilis grow in size, provide a revolving plan for working capital, and give back some of the Company’s recent indebtedness. This includes the $12 million seller’s note that is related to Nobilis’ acquisition of the Athas Health corporation in December of 2014.

Nobilis has a cooperative amount of leadership experience in various areas of the medical field including but not limited to, the development and management of over one hundred surgical centers. Nobilis continuously strives to provide superior medical care all around the board, increase all patient satisfaction, and overall lower the costs for healthcare delivery. To ensure that all customers with different economic status can participate in some way. Also lower costs will ensure repeat customers. Nobilis has been recognized by many as a leading innovator in the industry.

Some of the specialties that they offer are revenue cyle management, marketing, patient recruitment, financing help, partnerships, direct-to-consumer marketing, mergers, and much more. The list of opportunities is endless.

Nobilis Health Corporation also offers a long list of connections to highly trained surgeons in the field of spine surgery, managing pain, oral surgery, general surgery, Otolaryngology, and podiatry. These surgeons come highly recommended in the Texas area and are easy to get into contact with.

The chairmen or CEO of this operation is Harry Fleming. He has quite the impressive resume with just over 20 years of legal and business experience clashing with corporate finance and securities law. Mr. Fleming spent much of his career working on emerging growing companies, mergers, as well as planning for strategic business methods and turnaround execution. His background contains a good source venture capitalistically, business strategy consulting, speaking about public companies as well as mergers and make detailed acquisitions with high tech firms in the Houston and Boston areas. In addition, he has vast experience with merging companies in the healthcare, energy, and waste management industries. Acting as CEO, President, General Counsel for many big time public and private companies, Fleming has a generic base of experience in the field of growing businesses and creating a turnaround.

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