NuoDB Will Save Your Company From Downtime

NuoDB may simply be defined as an SQL database that is designed for distributed computing cloud-based infrastructure. Since distributed computing is so powerful, many of the top technology companies are switching over to cloud-based solutions. NuoDB is the primary database product in the market that is geared to such large scale cloud projects.

If you want to hear success stories of NuoDB, just as Dassault Systèmes, Kodiak, or Alfa Systems. These companies have all switched their servers to cloud technology thanks to the ease of transition of NuoDB.

The software includes both free and paid versions. The paid version is recommended since it provides official technical support while the free version only has a manual.

Previous databases of leading SQL products are easily managed thanks to backward compatibility of NuoDB. Even users of cryptic systems like Microsoft SQL will be able to switch with ease. There is now no excuse why large companies haven’t already switched over to cloud-based databases.

If hardware ever fails on a NuoDB network, other machines in its place will power the SQL requests. Distributed computing will allow the weakest links to be carried until the humans switch out the defective hardware. Keeping the database alive will assure that profits will not be lost due to repair downtime.

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