Beneful is Plentiful for My K9

As a K-9 dog trainer, I have to ensure that my dogs are healthy and prepared for their life in law enforcement. The moment they come off of their mother’s tit, I begin to feed them Beneful’s Wet Dog ( Food Romana Style Medley. The moist, nutrient filled food not only makes it easy for them to eat and digest but they remain as healthy as they were on their mother’s milk.
A litter of German Shepherds grows faster than any tree could. The moment they put the proper weight on, I shift to a dry dog food. Beneful‘s Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy. It takes three bowls to satiate the half a dozen pups but I every day I watch them grow in both strength and mind.

It requires a full year of training before I have to turn them over to the agencies that have requested them. By being a grant funded K-9 dog trainer, I am expected to keep these beautiful canines healthy and prepared. During training, I slowly begin to feed them Beneful’s Dry Dog Food Playful Life. These dogs are meant to be partners to our men and women in blue but also trusted companions. They require strength and endurance that only Nestle PurinaStore Petcare Beneful provides.

At the end of a long day of training, the energetic herd of dogs knows what are in my pockets. I reward the worn out dogs with Beneful’s Dog Treats Healthy Dental Ridges after a long day of training. When they were puppies these twisty treats would last all night but at nearly a year old, they are devoured within moments, and I swear I see a grin on their face.

As part of the contract, I advise the future handlers of their diets. I also recommend they stick to Beneful’s plentiful brands. They are not only the healthiest, but I have yet to find a pup that does not enjoy every bite and chew. The feedback I have received has been positive because I make it a point to check up on them every six months or so. I did raise them after all. Beneful products are available online on Amazon.

Blogger Confirms Chaz Dean’s Products Work

I have a secret that most people won’t believe but I promise I’m not lying. I have not always had beautiful hair. It was not until recently that I stumbled across Wen By Chaz (see, and that is where my beautiful hair journey began. Ever since then I have sworn by Wen by Chaz Dean. Unlike many people I trust Chaz Dean’s products on my own personal thick and wavy hair. I usually purchase it online from ebay.
Recently a beauty blogger over at Bustle confirmed what I have been saying for quite some time now. Wen works. She took readers through a journey of her experiment with WEN and I was impressed by her results as well. The blogger had thin hair at the beginning of the experiment and was slightly apprehensive that the product would work. As she went through her experiment you could see not only her hair transform but so did her confidence. Each day you could tell she was gaining more trust in not only in the product but in her own beauty because beautiful hair does that. It makes you feel beautiful it makes you feel confident and it makes you feel like you can take over the world.

The Positive Thoughts Project Makes Donating Pure Water to Children with Special Education Needs and the Disabled Possible One Post at a Time

QNET‘s RHYTHM Foundation has a great campaign that truly shows the power of positive thoughts, one thought at a time. By just posting a positive thought on the RHYTHM Foundation’s Facebook page for the Positive Thoughts project, QNET will donate after 500 posts a HomePure Red unit that will provide clean drinking water to the children that go to its school Taarana. Taarana helps children ages 6-16 with special education needs and that need special help academically such as children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Mild Autism Spectrum Syndrome and more. And if an additional 500 positive comments are posted during the last two weeks of the campaign, QNET will donate an additional RED unit for clean drinking water to Rashid Centre, a center for the disabled. Homepure RED units are advanced water purification systems that actually turn water into very pure Pi-water. Pi-water was first discovered by Dr. Yamashita in Japan who created a bio-water that has the properties that are the closest to the water that is contained in living bodies. This water contains a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous salt (Fe2Fe3). The HomePure water filtration system uses Fe2Fe3 to suppress the increase of excessive free radicals in the water.

It felt great to do something so simple and yet creative, to write a positive comment that I knew would help the campaign be able to donate clean water to children who need it and support organizations that help people most in need. By also sharing the Positive Thoughts Project on Facebook, the campaign can reach your whole Facebook Community. Multiple shares from people who see your post will then likely spread the campaign all around the world. It is also great to see a successful direct selling company like QNET make doing good business and putting humanitarian causes to work go hand in hand.

George Soros Knows Exactly What To Do To Solve The Asylum Chaos

The European Unions lack of a common asylum policy on is causing big problems and has turned a once manageable situation into a serious crisis.

According to billionaire investor George Soros, its time for the European Union to come up with a comprehensive plan. In order for the plan to work, George Soros believes it must be centered around human rights and extend far beyond just the European borders.

Here are the six components Soros believes the comprehensive plan should consist of:

#1 – First and foremost the European Union must be willing to accept at least one million asylum seekers per year on for the next several years. To make this happen adequate financing is critical.

#2 – Secondly the European Union must be willing to lead the global effort to ensure countries such as Lebanon and Jordan have enough funding to care for the refugees making their way into those countries.

#3 – A single EU Asylum and Migration Agency must be built starting immediately. The current system on, which consists of 28 separate systems, is very expensive and simply doesn’t work.

#4 – Safe channels must be established so asylum seekers can get from their current location to a safe place. This is urgent as it will help calm the panic.

#5 – Global standards must be set to ensure asylum seekers and migrants are treated the right way. This is a major component of the comprehensive plan.

#6 – The private sector must be mobilized. Church groups and businesses must step up and sponsor some of the asylum seekers. This is the only way the European Union will be able to handle the influx of migrants every year.

Who Is George Soros?

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary Budapest. After surviving the Nazi occupation he fled to England in 1947 at the age of 17. While in England he attended the London School of Economics. After graduating george Soros moved to the United States where he would eventually settle in and create a very successful investment fund.

Since 1979 Soros has been a very active philanthropist. George Soros is the founder and chair of The Open Society Foundations which is a nonprofit that focuses on human rights, open society values and transparency.

George Soros is also an author and has written over a dozen books, articles and essays for various publications, magazines and newspapers.

Fabletics Brand New Designs

Actress Kate Hudson has outdone herself once again. First, she debuted a stunning Fabletics fitness brand, and now she’s launching her Fabletics swimwear collection, available mid-April. The gorgeous star has one of the best fit bodies around, so it’s great that she wants to share her sporty-chic style with the rest of the world.

According to Elite Daily, Kate’s colorful, sexy swimwear has been designed for women of all shapes, sizes and budgets, from XXS to XXL at Fabletics. These high quality garments are affordable, so all you have to do is add water and hit the beach – get more details:

Kate spends a lot of time by the ocean, running around with her two adorable boys. Her swimwear stretches and clings in all the right places, and she’s excited to launch the new line, as well as a complementary collection of dresses.

“Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections,” Kate said in a recent press release. “Our design team also worked hard to perfect the swim styles. TheyÕre sexy and stylish, but comfortable to wear, and we have styles for every body type.”

Kate co-founded Fabletics which is a subsidiary of JustFab, and the company’s presence is all over social media, especially on Twitter, where thousands of fans keep flocking to Fabletics. The company is an online subscription retailer that offers members personalized outfits chosen for them according to their lifestyle and fashion preferences.

According to Elite Daily, a new member can buy can her first full ensemble for $25, after which she’ll be billed just under $50 per month for an outfit of her choosing. Users can also decide to “skip the month.” It’s that easy, no fuss.

When you see the colorful beach-tastic designs featuring nautical, tribal and tropics prints, you’ll want to join Kate’s Fabletics world. There are tons of styles to choose from, and all her swimwear offers UV protection.

Get in on the Kate Hudson lifestyle, ladies, because a full bikini set starts at just under $40. Join the more than one million Fabletics VIP members today.

Laidlaw & Company: Premier Investment Banking

Established in 1842, Laidlaw & Company is among the top firms in investment banking and securities brokerage. With a growing focus on emerging healthcare capital markets, the company values placing clients’ funds into the hands of institutional investors who can maximize earnings. Serving the United States as well as the United Kingdom, the financial firm has held reputable standing since its inception. One of the the company’s primary values is research, possessing a strong research team to ensure that all financial decisions can be derived from factual and statistical knowledge.

Laidlaw & company’s SEC reputation truly does precede them, due in the most part to their valuable financial investment ethics. Laidlaw & Company maintains integrity to tried and true financial investment methods, including careful asset allocation, security selection, extensive financial research, risk management and diversification of capital placement. With each piece of financial advice given by the firm, the end goal is of course to grow and preserve each individual client’s wealth. Keen on the value of keeping up with contemporary trends in the finance industry, Laidlaw maintains a special sector for alternative investments as well. With their finger on the pulse of modern market management, the company also does a significant amount of advising on the steadily burgeoning healthcare finance sector.

Undoubtedly Laidlaw is one of the top financial investment firms likely to be seen by PR Newswire on the rise in 2016. Having built themselves on a solid reputation of integrity and financial investment knowledge since their advent in 1842, the firm is sure to see well-deserved success in the financial investment sector this coming fiscal year. Individuals and companies seeking sound investment advice based on thorough research in the banking sector are best served to contact Laidlaw & Company for all of their asset management needs.


Laidlaw & Company: A Storied and Successful History

Laidlaw & Company has a long and illustrious history in the investment banking business. Formed around 170 years ago, the international company is headquartered in New York. Acoording to a Wall Street Jounsl study, it boasts over 150 employees across the United States and Europe, with a dual emphasis on domestic and international clients and entrepreneurs.

Laidlaw & Company operates under SEC authorization and FINRA registration, and is headed up by CEO Matthew Eitner. Laidlaw & Company primarily focuses on healthcare invesments and caters to large and small corporations as well as individuals. Because the focus is on such a constantly changing and complex industry, Laidlaw employs a tea of strong, professional research analysts. It is the job of the analysts to determine the wisest investment strategies and the best products to back.

When working with clients, Laidlaw places a great importance on wealth management. The two main components of wealth management are portfolio management and financial planning. Laidlaw Asset Management is certified  as a Registered Investment Advisor, teaching clients how to diversify their investments to give them the optimal chance to make money. The next step is financial planning. Laidlaw knows its clients want to be secure about their long term financial plans, and pride themselves on tailoring individual solutions for each party.

With a history of excellent performance in finance, Laidlaw & Company is a frequent choice for both novice and experienced investors.


The Informative Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video and What it is All About

It is a very easy thing to see why Madison Street Capital has been a front runner in the corporate funding industry. Many people have realized how beneficial it is to rely on the firm for many of their corporate finance needs. Even middle market firms on have a way to expand into other markets with Madison Street Capital. By working to make it easier for middle market companies to to find the financial solutions which they are looking for.

Providing these tailored solutions to corporate finance challenges is a top priority for Madison Street Capital. They have done very well, too. With a widely varied network of funding sources that includes not only angels but also venture capital groups as well as asset and credit based lenders, the firm has been able to maintain a steady presence offering custom solutions in a market that is very much “in the know” oriented.

Many of Madison Street Capital’s clients arrive with a plethora of questions. This is indicative to the highly technical and very well guarded “inside” of the corporate financing industry. While many clients have tried to seek out and negotiate with potential investors, the success rate of those seeking to go it alone is not very promising. The company on and its staff understand that it isn’t very easy to find contact information for potential corporate funding sources. In fact, without someone “in the know” then it can be downright impossible. For this and many other reasons, clients coming to Madison Street Capital tend to have a lot of questions about the various financial aspects of business practices such as corporate funding, valuation and mergers and acquisitions. The company’s prowess for developing custom, sustainable debt restructuring plans has also drawn a large influx of clients. The company has showcased its ability to prepare actionable, viable plans that directly benefit their clients in the precise way that they need.

Madison Street Capital does much more than corporate funding. Over the years they have helped not only eager startups find the capital that they require, but also companies that have already begun to develop a solid footing. Both new and seasoned businesses alike have benefited from the company’s services. Throughout this time, Madison Street Capital has earned an immaculate reputation within the corporate finance industry, having helped many leading clients with capital management, mergers and even buyouts.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has shown that they understand the many complications that are an almost inevitable aspect of corporate financing. This understand has led to their exceptional reputation. With a highly educated staff that is able to use their own personal years of industry experience to the direct benefit of their clients, it is easy to see why. There is much to learn from Madison Street Capital.


Ricardo Guimares is a man born to a business family and seeking to continue that reality. He has achieved a high level of success in a crowded field of banking.Guimares has grown his grandfather’s bank from a small bank to one of the largest in the country. It has increased 17 fold in less than a decade and today has a market capitalisation of $ 3 billion with an asset base worth R $ 29 billion.


Antonio Guimaraes founded Banco BMG in 1930.It was meant to serve primarily as a miner’s bank and served as a payroll processor for many decades. When Guimares took over in 2004, he expanded into the Personal credit sector. It was an area with low default rates. It is this that prompted him to start provisions for the cheapest form of consigned credit for Brazilians.


Today, Banco BMG has merged with Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to leverage the strengths of BMG with those of ITAU.BMG has an extensive distribution network and pioneered the use of USSD mobile banking in Brazil.Itau has this year posted impressive results with 36% increase in profits and its stock price up by 28%.


Ricardo Guimares is a big sports fan. He supported Clube Atletico Mineiro and served as its president for five years. During that time, he did his best and today is a club legend. Ricardo has also started a hedge fund that targets future players. It builds their brand and creates it to enable them to monetize the effort. It currently has R$ 20 million in funding and is growing fast.


Banco BMG is the leading sponsor of sports in Brazil.It sponsors over 100 teams in various divisions of the Brazilian league. It has posted the highest returns on a per dollar invested. More than any other brand. It recently announced Marcio Melo as the newest signing.Melo is expected to fly the banks colours high as he seeks more glory at the Olympics.


Soccer is big in Brazil, and over 70 million watch matches each weekend. It is a huge market that BMG gets access to every weekend.


Guimares is a Business Administration graduate. He has achieved a great deal of success thanks to his hardworking nature and relentless pursuit of perfection. He advises any brand that seeks a piece of the Brazilian market to hire the brightest and work hard. Visit wiki to know more.

About Igor Cornelsen And His Perspective Of Passive Income Investments

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment adviser from Brazil. He is also a great Brazilian stock market business person who has been a crusader of long-term investments. He also have been trying to help investors figure out the best investments that fit their portfolios before investing. This stock market businessman has been offering insight on investors on different investment sectors in the market. Igor Cornelsen has been working with entrepreneurs in different sectors in business helping them to understand how the stock market and its investments work.

Passive income investments are one of the fields that Igor Cornelsen has specialized in. He has been offering free lectures and advice on the importance of investing in the passive income sector to investors, the general market and firms. He says that currently the market all over the world has picked a special interest in passive income sector. This he says, can be supported by the large numbers of internet users looking for information on the sector all over the world. Igor Cornelsen says on a PR Newswire interview that he has been part of various online forums and social media conversations over passive income investments. Passive income investment is one of the surest ways an investor can make without maintaining any direct involvement with the investment. Igor Cornelsen says that there are many business activities in the market investors can engage in order to get passive income.

From Igor Cornelsen’s perspective, passive investments are very advantageous to investors compared with other investments. On the bright side, passive investments do not require the direct involvement of the investor in order to yield profits. This gives an investor the freedom of working on other investments and still earn an income from the investment. Furthermore, passive investments guarantee an investor a continuous flow of income. Even when the investor is not working, they will be assured that at certain time intervals they will have an income. This type if investment favors those who do other types of businesses or work as it can act as a supporting source of income.

Igor Cornelsen also says that this type of investments requires minimal input of resources by investors. He goes on to add that even with the least resources contribution, an investor can still be able to invest and still be able to earn some revenues. An investor can also easily access records of the progress of their investment, monitor and keep track of it. Igor Cornelsen says that investors in the current market should take seriously passive income investments.