ClassDojo’s Plan For Premium Features And Bringing An End To Parent-Teacher Meetings

ClassDojo is quickly becoming a name associated with elementary school and something that teachers, students and even now parents are becoming familiar with. It’s an app that is changing classroom environments for the better and encouraging young children to study hard and be active in class activities. It was originally an app that was used to reward students when they behaved and listened well in class, but now it’s become a highly interactive platform that’s serving a purpose like Facebook in the classroom. ClassDojo is free to download and is compatible with just about any tablet or mobile device.


The men behind this app are Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, two graduate students that had long been looking for an app that would benefit a market that was being neglected. They thought of education and realized that not a lot of effort was being put into making classrooms better at encouraging good student behavior, or staying up to date with technological advances. So they went to a teacher’s conference in San Francisco where they started bouncing ideas off of different educators to find out what they thought should go into a good classroom app, and they came up with ClassDojo.


As the app evolved from simply giving points out for good behavior, it started using a Student Stories profile where teachers could post photos of class activities and put them on Student Stories for parents to see. Or they could even send a picture message directly to the parents during the day. ClassDojo also teamed up with a research team at Stanford University to produce learning videos where little monster characters would have to tackle a difficult subject in school, and would learn to think differently and collaborate as a team. With these learning features and constant communication available, the app has not only made teachers jobs easier but schools have been able to start eliminating parent-teacher meetings from their once-a-semester schedule.


ClassDojo has done all of this without even spending money on advertising costs. The app has received several venture capital rounds of funding, including over $21 million in just this last year alone, bringing its total venture capital to about $30 million. Investors have no immediate demand for a return of income on the app, and Chaudhary and Don plan to always keep its download and basic use free. They are however planning to add extra content that teachers and users can opt to pay for if they’re interested. Such content might include various e-textbooks or more videos of monster characters.


Passion And Hard Work Trumps Entitlement and Demands With Susan McGalla

There are a lot of discussions when it comes to equality and work related issues. There is a legitimate issue in the workplace. This issue is that women are faced with a little bit of extra challenge. However, there are two ways to go about it. One way is to be up to the challenge and work hard proving oneself to be reliable and good for the business. The other way would be to sulk and demand that things be different. The unfortunate thing is that things rarely change with protest. The best way to make changes is to work for the changes.


One person that has decided to work hard and not get sucked into all of the politics is Susan McGalla. She has worked at a time when women were less likely to work in office. Susan has worked for various companies and held leadership positions in companies like American Eagle Outfitters. She has started in this position as the only woman in the office. Therefore, she was faced with a lot of challenges. However, she has addressed people as equals and has not made any point to indulge in any discriminatory talk. She has lived the life of equality as opposed to just merely talked about equality.


Her talent for relating to people regardless of gender has made her a very reliable person. She has also helped expand American Eagle Outfitters to include clothing for women. For one thing, this has shown a dedication and commitment to equality. Susan McGalla could have easily fostered an entitlement mentality and demanded that she gets treated a certain way. Instead, she has acted in the best interest of the business that she has been apart of. She has also taken her experience and used it to start her own successful business.


Sam Boraie pulls through to complete first Newark high rise in 50 years

Newark, New Jersey has fallen on a rough half century. Starting in the early 60s, the city, once a major center of industry in the state of New Jersey, began experiencing many of the same problems that cities across the country faced. Deindustrialization, white flight and increasing urban crime were just some of the problems that beset Newark, in its fall from grace. Things got steadily worse, with no sign that anything would intervene in the process of collapse that would eventually render the city little more than an East Coast facsimile of Detroit.

But one man had a different idea about where Newark’s future would lie. Sam Boraie, of Boraie Development, one of New Jersey’s most successful and innovative real estate development companies, saw in Newark the raw materials and building stock that are the makings of a great city.

Sam Boraie had made a name for himself spotting value where no one else thought it existed. His firm was largely responsible for the miraculous comeback of New Brunswick, New Jersey from the brink of total collapse. Today, that city is home to some of the most sought-after real estate on the East Coast, and it has the perspicacity and tenacity of Boraie Development to thank for it. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Still, in Newark, Sam Boraie faced an even steeper challenge. Conventional lenders wanted nothing to do with risky projects in what they regarded as a backwards slum. Boraie was laughed out of numerous meetings with bankers, being chided for his relentless optimism and for having the gall to think that an area populated by winos and ex-cons could ever amount to anything but a cesspit of rampant criminality and vice.

But it was Boraie who would have the last laugh. The veteran developer paired up with basketball great Shaquille O’Neil, bypassing traditional lenders completely. The duo first successfully developed a state-of-the-art cinema complex, the Ciniplex 12. Then they set their sights even higher.

Boraie and O’Neil broke ground on One Riverview, a 26-story, ultra-luxurious apartment complex in late 2013. The building is slated to open this fall and has already been nearly fully reserved. You can visit Bloomberg for more info about the company.

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Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto – A Highly Successful And A Genius Entrepreneur At JHSF

JHSF is a leading name in the real estate sector in Brazil. It is involved in the free area of housing in Brazil in commercial and residential incorporation. It is instrumental in developing various hotels, shopping centers and also an international airport.

It was established in the year 1972, and it is known for its ability to recognize some chances in the market where it functions. It has got the potential to exhibit many alternatives in the projects to provide excellent options in the development of the projects.

JHSF has made its presence felt in capitals like Salvador, Sao Paolo, and Manaus. This firm has got four business units comprising of Fasano hotel and restaurants, shopping centers and airports.

It is a forty-two-year-old firm that is listed in the corporate governance section in the year 2007. JHSF is focused on the income part that develops and also does the management of the commercial towers and shopping malls. There are four shopping malls such as Shopping Ponta Negra, Fashion outlet, shopping Bela Vista and also the Jardins.

JHSF has got immense experience in the market. It has made a mark in creativity and development. JHSF is the first and foremost company in Brazil of the segment to include hotels in its venture. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto got into the position of the executive president of the JHSF.

Mr. Neto is a successful businessman and the chairman of JHSF board of directors; He has got a wife and children in New York. They adhere to the establishment of the high rise apartment building with the JHSF hotel service that faces Central Park. The rooms will be available for rent and are not for sale. This is a great master plan.

Mr. Neto manages the retail portfolio and also the great shopping by the groups. He takes care of the shopping complex by the name of Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo. Some developments in the Sao Paolo district are in the construction phase in the developing market in Brazil.

Mr. Neto organized the first operation of the group into retail and also different partnership agreements with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes and also opening of the highly expensive brands in JHSF.

Dick DeVos: The Father of Philanthropy

A good heart is hard to find. On this planet, there are people with a lot of wickedness, while only a select few have the heart to help others. Dick DeVos is a man that falls under the category of the elite few. Ever since he was a young boy, Mr. DeVos has had the will to assist others to succeed. In his lifetime, Dick DeVos has always been willing to uplift the plight of minority groups so that they too can have an equal chance of survival. He is well known for his charitable deeds, especially in education, politics, and art. Of the three categories, he has had deep involvements in education. Dick’s love for education has been brought about by his passion for seeing to it that people suffering from poverty find the means to improve their livelihoods. Mr. DeVos has been mostly interested in technical knowledge, and that is one of the reasons as to why he has spent more resources to see to it that individuals gain expertise.


Above all, Mr. DeVos has fallen in love with religion. Ever since he was a young man, it was his belief that young people need nurturing so that they can make great leaders. So far, Dick has been successful in his endeavors and has already partnered with Christian organizations to train young souls to be righteous and responsible in life. Also, he has offered monetary donations to these agencies so that they can be able to provide quality training to students. One of the institutions that happen to be a beneficiary to DeVos philanthropy is none other than the University of Maryland. Although DeVos has the heart to help people, he follows up on his donations. Before giving out money in the form of grants, he ensures that the recipients have an adequate way of using the money. In so doing, wasting of finances is put at a minimum. So far, accountability for Dick’s funds is at an all-time high.


So far, Dick and Betsy DeVos have contributed more than $139 million over the years. Their passion for education has seen to it that individuals from minority groups get a chance to learn and change their lives. Moreover, DeVos has made use of finances to cater for the needs of children. Top of the list is shelter, food, and clothing. Also, his philanthropy has centered on health, in particular for children cancer and neuroblastoma. Due to DeVos’s charities, the level of education in the United States of America has grown with a significant percentage. In so doing, community members have fallen in love with DeVos together with his family. Since Dick is a passionate and energetic person, he will still have the ability to help people even in future.


Clinical Pathways at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida has been fighting advanced and complex cancer cases for many years. Their goal is to help each patient win the battle against cancer. They are a national network of five hospitals treating cancer in adult patients.
Founded in 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America realizes that each case is unique, and they tailor the treatment to each patients individual needs. All services are delivered under one roof for the patients’ convenience and peace of mind.
Recently, they collaborated with NantHealth and AllScripts to implement a technical solution that enables Eviti to have access to clinical workflows in the AllScripts Sunrise electronic health record. This helps the treatment process without interruption to the physician’s workflow.
The treatment platform provides custom treatment that is suited to the needs of the patient, comparisons between treatment options, recommendations of treatment regimens, real time functionality and more.
With this system, quality and efficiency of treatment are improved by reducing variability in care. Patients and doctors can discuss and compare various treatment options. Patients can have greater confidence in the effectiveness and appropriateness of their chosen treatment.
The planning of this project began in early 2016, with the idea of patients and providers enjoying the benefit of an integrated solution to cancer treatment. Doctors can now retrieve treatment options from a Medical Library which provides over 2700 treatment options covering all cancers, subtypes and modalities. Clinical Pathways is available for use at all five treatment locations.

For more information on CTCA follow them on Twitter.

Greg Finch Provides Credible and Effective Orthopedic Treatment in Queensland

Orthopedic surgeries are essential to get rid of the musculoskeletal issues that people face, and some of the surgeries are more intense than the other. Musculoskeletal problems develop as we grow older as the bones get weaker and the tendons and ligaments lose their strength and flexibility with age. Orthopedic procedures such as ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy, soft tissue repair, joint replacement, debridement, spine fusion, a fusion of bones, osteotomy, bone fracture repair, and more, are common these days.


Orthopedic treatment such as hip replacement, knee replacement, spine surgery, and shoulder replacement, are very common. In these orthopedic surgical procedures, the prosthesis is used to replace or support the bone that is damaged due to trauma or an injury to help with the regular function and normal movement. Orthopedic treatment and care are regularly needed for sports personalities as they suffer from sports injuries. Orthopedic treatment also helps with congenital disorders, infections, musculoskeletal trauma, tumors, spine diseases, degenerative diseases, and sports injuries.


Greg Finch is one of the most talented orthopedic surgeons in Queensland working with Sunshine Coast Hospital. Greg Finch has years of experience in the field of offering advanced orthopedic treatment to patients he has treated at different medical institutions he has worked in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Greg Finch has also worked with the Royal Perth Hospital in the past before joining the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services.


Greg Finch follows the non-invasive approach in his treatment and ensures that the latest medical advances are used to treat the patients to enable faster recovery. Greg Finch is also one of the members of the Northern America Spine Society and the highly reputed New Zealand Orthopaedic Association. Greg Finch treats all kinds of musculoskeletal issues, but his specialties are spine surgeries, shoulder replacement, knee replacement, and bone fracture repair.


James Dondero Giving Back

The economy of Dallas is growing rapidly in many areas. With all of the changes that are taking place, many people want to position themselves well for their financial future. James Dondero is the type of person to work with if you are ready to make an impact on others. Not only that, but he has helped a lot of people with their finances over the years. With his great experience in the area, now is the time to work on a plan that makes sense for your finances. James Dondero has proven that he has the investing knowledge and care for others to be successful in this industry. Over time, he is a great leader in the local community and is excited about the future growth of his business.




One of the biggest benefits of running a business is the economic growth you can benefit from in your local area. A lot of people are starting to see what James Dondero can do to help them with their finances. Over time, he has proven to help other people when it comes to their life and career. He wants to make a difference in the lives of others through his financial advice. With so many people struggle with their finances, this is a great idea to make an impact in the lives of others. If you need financial help, he has proven to have the ability to help others with the knowledge he has of the local area. He likes to help people with both real estate and stock recommendations to make the maximum benefit over time for them.


Future Plans


In the coming years, James Dondero wants to help as many people as possible in their pursuit of financial independence. With that being said, now is the time to try and work out a plan to help others. If you are ready to make a difference in these areas, you need to work out a plan for them to succeed. Personal financial planning is not easy, but with people like James Dondero on your side you can have success over the long term.


What White Shark Media Does When Customers Complain


White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that builds campaigns in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. For small businesses that are relatively new to search engine marketing (SEM), or have used it but aren’t seeing their ads generate the traffic they need, White Shark Media can solve their problems and get them to the top of the search ad rankings. The company has been in business since 2011 and is a certified Google Small Business Partner as well as a certified Microsoft Bing Ads reseller. White Shark Media has built up their credibility over the few years they’ve been running and have done so through listening and making changes when customers complain.


Common customer complaints have included not being able to keep track of AdWords campaigns once they’ve hired White Shark Media. That problem has been resolved through monthly meetings hosted at and having a contact person who can be reached 24/7. Other customers have said they don’t like starting new Google AdWords campaigns in a new account that’s created when they signup with a White Shark Media plan. So White Shark Media now allows customers to keep existing accounts that are doing well.


White Shark Media has several other analytics and advertising services, and if you choose you can even signup for their triton website. They also have a free evaluation that you can signup for by going to the website and filling in the contact information form. The evaluation doesn’t obligate you to hire White Shark Media, it just gives them an opportunity to show you how they can meet your needs.


WEN Cleansing Conditioner after One Week of Use

The cleansing conditioners of the hair care line by Chaz Dean called WEN have been raved about for a very long time. According to Wikipedia, they are primarily a product that is 5-in-1 and is meant to substitute five products that most women use on the regular. It is entirely natural and consists of no harsh chemicals. They are supposed to restore health and purify the hair.

On Bustle, a woman wrote about her experience trying out the Fig cleansing conditioner for one week. Her hair is fine, and her goal was to have moisturized, bouncy, and shiny locks. The first time she used the Wen hair cleansing conditioner, she was incredibly surprised by the amount of product she was recommended to use. The directions point out that the appropriate amount of her hair length (shoulder length) is 16 to 24 pumps.

During the shower, her hair felt thicker, which was a pleasant surprise, and after she blows dried her hair, it was bouncy, shiny, and lively. In the morning, however, the volume was gone, and the roots of her hair were already starting to get oily. On the second day after a second wash, the hair was less greasy. Although her hair was getting more and more flat through the day, the shiny and healthy look of the hair remained.

On the morning of the fourth day of the experiment, the hair was excessively oily and frizzy looking. Dry shampoo was not as effective as she had hoped it would be and curling the hair did not improve the situation either.

The actual positive results of the cleansing conditioner by WEN were visible on day five. The hair was smooth, shiny and silky and on day six the pleasant effects continued.

At the end of the seventh day of the experiment, the woman had experienced both advantages and disadvantages with the Sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner by WEN. Although the hair had been looking very shiny and it was soft, it would become greasy very fast if she did not wash it every morning. She will continue to use the product but not on a daily basis.