Harvard Business Graduate Sarah Kauss and Starbucks Make a S’well Team

When a worldwide, household known company like Starbucks takes an interest in a small business producing stainless-steel water bottles, the founder may be a bit stunned. And Sarah Kauss, Harvard Business Graduate and founder of S’well, was just that. Her small company was just under two years old when Starbucks invited her to Seattle and that started a relationship that sparked some major growth and nationwide recognition for her stylish, double insulated water bottles.

In 2013 Starbucks introduced the S’well water bottle in 120 stores in the Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX areas with great success. So much so that in August of 2015 the non-leaching, non-toxic bottles were introduced nation-wide at over 3,000 Starbucks stores. As you can imagine, this caused some major growth in business and the small company with two employees grew to a staff of 35 and is projected to have it’s second year of 400% growth in 2015.

This growth has also given S’well a chance to show it’s philanthropic side. Sarah Kauss wanted to work with water charities from the start and the once small company has now donated $100,000 to UNICEF supporting it’s effort to supply drinking water to children in countries where it is not readily available and lends support to other programs such as Drink Up, and American Forests. And with Starbucks efforts to create more energy efficient stores and conserve water they seem to have found the perfect company to team up with in S’well.

Organo Gold Expands Into Turkey

As originally reported on PR Newswire, gourmet coffee company Organo Gold recently opened its newest international office in Turkey, a country already well-known for its love of coffee, having opened the world’s first recorded cafe in the fifteenth century. Though the Vancouver-based Organo Gold has offices in thirty-nine countries already, Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua called this expansion “a significant operational achievement.” Chua, well-versed in the Turkey’s history of consuming fine coffee, seemed excited by the prospect of bringing his fine products to a country where they will likely be highly appreciated. He also mentioned the benefits of having an office in Turkey, namely that the expansion will help unify the European, African, and Asian offices by providing a distribution center that is relatively central among the trade routes. Ever an intelligent businessman, Chua seems to recognize that opening an office in Turkey will increase profits in more ways that one, possibly opening the door for further growth in the future.

On his LinkedIn Bernardo Chua is no stranger to success– he is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal– and with his expert guidance, Organo Gold has been providing gourmet coffee to countries around the world since its inception in 2008. Organo Gold sells organic Ganoderma Lucidium in coffee, tea, and personal care products. They distribute through their Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada, and using independent distributors for the rest of their international markets.

Visual Search To The Rescue of Budget Fashion Users

The biggest problem faced by a budget fashion user is regarding a balance between cost and style. An old fashionista adage is that one can’t have the best of both world. Thanks to companies like Slyce promoting visual search technology, this adage is soon going to become redundant. As a technology, visual search is a simple enough concept that has been seen on major search engines for a long time now. As an application, however, it is still relatively new. Especially in fashion where everything is driven by visuals, visual search on slyce.it technology has pretty much revolutionized the way people shop online.

So, what do budget fashion users have to gain using visual search technology. Here is the low down on everything people might want to know about this –

Click Your Way To Happy Shopping – Visual search technology works in a simple way through people’s phone apps. By simply clicking a picture of an amazing pair of shoes, distressed denims, polka dot shirt and other fashion necessities, the user can store the image in their phone’s camera/photo app. The visual search app then gets the image from the photo app and searches the relevant places for it. Then it turns up results that would be appropriate for the user and often, they are bang on the money.

Find Stores That Hold Your Kind Of Items – Visual search is not just a search-engine using pictures, it is an intelligent technology that understands the tastes and requirements of the user. For instance, if a user is into distressed skinny denims, the app will also recommend other items like distressed shorts. If someone is into bohemian apparel, the app will return results for tribal print leggings, bohemian jewelry, harem pants, and so much more. Another great feature of the app is that instead of relying on sites that charge international shipping, if a similar item is available in a local store, the visual search technology would recommend that to the user.

No Special Hardware Needed For Better Shopping Experience – Small fashion houses and boutiques would benefit immensely from embracing this technology since it doesn’t require any special hardware. By simply using visual search, they can ensure that more people are aware of their affordable products and their brand awareness would grow at a steady rate. It would also help to improve sales and profits of small enterprises and give them an edge over big competitors in the industry who have more resources at their disposal.

Slyce is a company that has created an industry standard for visual search technology with their innovative app and website. The company has found various applications for this technology and is finally helping other industries get in on the action.

Personal Hotspot Tips: Reducing Your Data Consumption While Tethering

Personal Hotspot is one of the versatile features of iPad and iPhones that allow users to share their device internet connection (3G or 4G LTE) with up to five other connected devices through Wi-Fi. It’s every telecommuter and mobile user’s dream as it provides users with an opportunity to share their internet connectivity with their Macs, iPods, iPads, or PCs. However, it is important to note that tethering internet connection can also eat through your Hotspot data plans ridiculously fast. Accordingly, it is pertinent to reduce your overall data consumption when tethering. Here is an overview of a few tips that you can apply:

Turn Off your iCloud and Dropbox Syncing

Disable cloud syncing apps such as iCloud and Dropbox to prevent them from continually syncing changes to their servers and slowly whittling away your data plan. You can always restore these settings when you are using a normal Wi-Fi network.

Disable OS Update Automatic Downloads

Keeping your operation systems and software up to date is always a great maintenance tip. However, to save on your cellular data, you need to disable them when you are not in a network connection with plenty of bandwidth.

Watch Non-HD videos

Although HD videos may appear leaps and bounds, they can consume so much of your cellular data that if you are not careful can blow the whole of your monthly data plan after watching just a single video. Accordingly, if you must watch a video on your Hotspot connection, go for low-definition versions and you will save hundreds of MB data.

Disable Browser Automatic Updates

Popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome often release updates and will automatically download and update in the background. While it may seem very convenient on a regular internet connection, it can blow between 20MB and 100 MB very easily.

Switch to Freedom Pop’s Free Data Plans

A new company , FreedomPop is offering data plans that seem to be too good to be true: 200MB of data, 200 texts, and 200 minutes of call—through your choice of wireless hotspot or suitable USB stick. Their deal also emphasizes on free international calls to 60 countries and an allowance to roll over your data to subsequent months.

FreedomPop is a mobile carrier company that provides fast mobile phone and wireless data services. The company was founded in 2011 with a goal of eliminating the digital divide that exist in most societies and to provide mobile phone services and free wireless internet access to everyone, everywhere. The company was launched in Beta and continues to update their services based on their customers’ feedback and reviews. Besides their lucrative data offers, they have are also launching a free roaming data SIM service called Jetsetter later in the year. With this service, users will be given 100MB free high speed data on monthly basis for use in France, U.K, and Spain and will later expand to more than 20 countries. They have also signed a deal with other six carriers, which will further cover nine countries for further rollouts.

OrganoGold Brings an Ancient Food to a Modern World

When people talk about a company it’s often worth taking note of. But when that conversation travels the planet than it usually means that there’s something special to take note of. And there’s one company which has been getting a lot of praise these days. The OrganoGold line of products is becoming more and more commonplace within people’s homes. And this has prompted quite a few of those people to wonder about the company behind the product. It’s a simple question with some important answers. The story of OrganoGold is, in some ways, focused on two important elements. The first is creator Bernardo Chua. And the other important thing to understand about the company is that it places a heavy focus on the Ganoderma mushroom.

Bernardo Chua is a man possessed of a special insight. He’s always had a talent for communication and networking. He’s one of those people who have a special talent for helping people find the things that they need. And that insight is probably what helped him discover a long standing tradition in natural medicine. He discovered that native peoples had been using one particular mushroom for both medicine and food. It was delicious and appeared to have health benefits as well. Chua knew that this was something that could help the entire world. The only problem was helping them get access to it. He was already a successful businessman at that point. It was obvious what he had to do. And he quickly formed a company to research uses for the mushroom and distribute it around the world. His knack for people was exactly the right tool for the job. He knew exactly how to fit the mushroom into the specific tastes of different areas. And in particular his idea to make it into a coffee was amazingly well received.

This initial vision became the guiding vision of OrganoGold. OrganoGold is about spreading amazing and healthy products all over the world. OrganoGold knows that the world is a global marketplace. The most delicious and healthy foods shouldn’t be limited to a specific region. And OrganoGold is dedicated to ensuring that people the world over can taste the benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom.

OrganoGold began as a small shop with only three employees. And today it has offices in over 35 countries. It continues to hold true to a motto of loyalty, unity and edification. And in the process it’s helping people on a multitude of different levels. It’s helping customers by delivering a range of tasty and healthy products. And it’s helping employees with a number of different services dedicated to ensuring they can reach their full potential.

Man Orders ISIS Cake From Wal-Mart

Retail mogul Wal-Mart has issued a public apology after a Louisiana man successfully ordered an ISIS cake. In the wake of the Charleston Church Shooting and the hype with the Confederate flag, Chuck Netzhammer attempted to order a Confederate flag themed cake with the words “heritage not hate.” However the Wal-Mart bakery where he placed his order denied his request. Due to their recently implemented ban of Confederate flag merchandise, the bakery was following the store protocol. Angered by the denial of his beloved Confederate flag themed cake,Netzhammer decided to test the waters.


A few days later, Netzhammer went back to the same Wal-Mart bakery and placed another order reports Brian Torchin. This time, it was not for a Confederate flag cake but for an ISIS cake. According to Netzhammer, he ordered the ISIS cake to test the limits of Wal-Mart. He submitted an image of the design and asked that the ISIS battle flag be the image on the cake. When Netzhammer actually picked up the cake he was furious. He posted a video on YouTube that describes the situation. In the video, Netzhammer says, “That’s an ISIS battle flag cake that anybody can go buy at Walmart, but you can’t buy a Confederate flag toy.”


Netzhammer questioned Wal-Mart, asking how they could make one cake but not the other. According to a spokesperson from Wal-Mart, the store associate designing the cake was unaware what the image actually meant.

Goodbye Healthy Donuts

There’s a lot of foods out there that a person can make moderately healthy with just a little bit of work, and a little bit of creative thinking. People have turned cauliflower into a form of bread. Others have turned zucchini into a form of pizza crust. It seems that there are numerous ways to get around the unhealthiness of an item, and shift it into a much healthier form. This is especially true of desserts. There are a lot of low fat and low calorie items such as ice cream, and cookies that people can purchase and actually enjoy. But, when it comes to eating one type of dessert, it seems that it’s almost meant to be bad for you.

I’m talking about donuts. Donuts are disgustingly good and come in a variety of flavors. There’s ones that are covered in chocolate, others that are stuffed with jelly, and lots that have sprinkles coating the top! They’re glazed, frosted, and overall pretty terrible for you. People don’t eat donuts for the health factor. One company apparently thought they did, and now they’re suffering.

According to GrubStreet, Holey Donuts has gone bankrupt. They were selling low fat low calorie donuts. But, by taking away all that stuff is it still a donut? More importantly is it still good? Apparently not. The business did not do well and it has shut its doors. To add insult to injury, the owners are facing lots of problems now. Folks at Skout reported to the Huffington Post that they signed a 10 year lease, and haven’t been able to pay rent. Well it looks like they learned their lesson when it comes to trying to turn a dessert food into something good for someone.

A Summer Treat

Anyone who has been to New York is fully aware of where to get the best food. Whether it’s pizza, pasta, or seafood. New Yorkers have tried out a variety of restaurants until they finally get it right! There are almost always discrepancies over what is actually the best. There is one thing that almost everyone in the SoHo area can agree on. That’s where to get the best cookie.

Maman’s is the creator of one of New Yorks top chocolate chip cookies. They are moist, they are delicious, and they have the finest quality chocolate chips in it. Alexei Beltyukov wondered what could possibly make them better? Stuffing them with ice cream! According to GrubStreet that’s exactly what is happening. It’s absolutely genius.

It’s summer, and it’s hot out there. As good as a cookie sounds at all times, it’s sometimes hard to eat a warm one in the heat. People want something cold and refreshing. That’s where this genius plan comes into play! They get their cookie, and they get premium ice cream as well. They’re only making 50 of these bad boys a day so people have to hurry out there, and get in line quickly. If they continue to be this popular, then the restaurant might take into consideration making more each day. Until then, it’s a struggle to get your hands on one of these delicious summer treats!

Kulfi Ice Cream Comes To NYC

A very new and unique form of ice cream that is popular in India is hitting the streets of New York City in its massive competition for the best ice cream around. Most shops and restaurants in New York City have been attempting to make themselves known for their frozen treats, and especially with summer already here it’s not hard to see why that would be the case. Summer is humid, hot, and just sticky so there is nothing better than a delicious ice cream.

Babu Ji grew up eating Kulfi, which is a very dense but amazing kind of ice cream that comes from his native India. He even brought back the molds from the country to make these treats which his mother and grandmother always used to have for him. It also takes nearly a whole day to prepare these ice cream treats because the milk process is hard, it has to be boiled and then brought to room temp and then refrigerated for almost 12 hours. Right now Babu Ji is only making one flavor that is kind of pistachio-like, but according to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street he plans to make a chai one later with ginger, as well as incorporate local fruits into the deal as well. Gianfrancesco Genoso points out that it could be just what the great NYC needs this summer and for years to come too.

Any Chocolate is Good for Your Heart

It has been known for some time that flavanoids in dark chocolate are good for the heart, but it has recently been learned that milk chocolate is good for you too. University of Aberdeen experts have been studying more than 20,000 people. The age group chosen for the study are those in the middle-age group and the elderly. In comparing people who ate no chocolate and those who ate any chocolate, including milk chocolate, those who ate chocolate had 23 percent reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

The quality of chocolate plays a big role in how healthy it is. Twitter.com caught word from Beneful that if you are consuming a caramel, salted, sugary chocolate bar, for example, the sugar and other ingredients may negate the good quality of chocolate. Try to choose chocolate that has been minimally processed. Cocoa that has been alkalized to reduce acidity has fewer flavanoids than cocoa that has not been. The fat in chocolate is as healthy as olive oil and has not been found to increase cholesterol.

It is important to remember to eat other healthy foods such as apples, cranberries, tea and onions as these also contain healthy flavanoids. Eating anything in excess can lead to health problems so to keep your heart at its healthiest, eat well, the Cleveland Clinic advises.