Morgenstern’s Free Scoops

Instead of a distant dream, the month of June is close by. It’s almost a week until many folks can say hello Summer. Summer is a wonderful time because a lot of new and exciting things go along with that warm weather, and sunshine. One staple of almost everyone’s summer season is of course ice cream. After all, it’s delicious, it cools you down, and there are so many options. There’s literally a flavor for everyone. What’s better than ice cream? Free ice cream!

According to GrubStreet Morgenstern’s ice-cream parlor is in New York City and they are celebrating their one year anniversary. A great way to celebrate an anniversary and a successful first year in business is by giving back to those people who helped you get where you are today. The customers. So it’s free ice cream for them! Anyone can come in and grab a free scoop. The hard part will be deciding which flavor to choose. After all,this ice cream parlor offers so many different kinds, it will be hard to choose! They even have five different kinds of vanilla ice cream. I for one didn’t even know that existed.

So while, it’s the month for cold treats, it’s also a month for even cooler deals. Anyone at Boraie Development will tell you that free is a deal that you just can’t pass up, especially when the ice cream is this good. The free ice cream deal runs on a Saturday, so stop in early to secure your scoop!

Tic Tac Flavors Are Evolving

The younger generation out there seems to change directions a lot with their tastes, and that is why the Tic Tac company has decided to branch out a little bit and expand their line of snacks. According to an article found on, the brand hasn’t even brought out any new flavors since 2008 and now it is time to switch things up a bit.

The new Tic Tacs are going to be called Tic Tac Mixers and they are designed to change their flavors half way through eating them.  Sam Tabar thinks that this is a fantastic idea, because the researchers are right, many kids don’t have the attention span these days to really enjoy one kind of taste to the candy on their own. This will be a revolutionary move by the company and the idea itself is very intriguing. Apparently they had to send some employees out to go talk to people and figure out what exactly it is that people are on the hunt for. What they found is that more often kids are getting bored with their snacks and candy, so adding in Tic Tac mixers will be a great way to get exposure and build a bigger fan base that will draw in more customers too. It will be exciting to see what blends of flavors will be coming out, and I know that I will be looking for them too.

Mars Candy Company Takes a Surprising Stand

We are all used to the idea of companies lobbying the government to get rules and regulations and tax breaks that favor them and to oppose any that threaten their bottom lines. Whenever a carbon tax is proposed, all the oil companies will, of course, oppose that, and the same for any other industry when you try to tax their product. The same could be said for just about any proposed rules change that negatively affects a particular established industrial interest. They will hire an army of lobbyists and either kill the proposed law or at least steer it in their favor, so the resulting legislation minimally impacts them while restricting potential competition. One thing you never see is a company, especially a large, multimillion dollar company, lobbying for laws that put an economic cost on them; until now.

The candy giant, Mars Inc., has recently added their support to the idea that people should be getting no more than 10 percent of their calories from sugar. They have gone a step further in advocating the proposal of including a declaration about added sugar on product labels. This seems contrary to their business interest, so the cynic may be wondering what they are up to. They must be aware that people know chocolate candies have plenty of sugar and are bad for them, but by coming out for this rule and labeling they look like good guys who are looking out for people.

Thanks to Daniel Amen for showing me this story!

Sweet Support

Candy, soda, and processed snack companies have been under attack lately. FreedomPop Review, for one, is concerned about how obsessed with sugar these companies have made the population. Some companies have even switched to using more addictive sugar substitutions. After some time though, it was determined that sugar substitutes can even be more harmful than regular sugar. There are some candy companies who have recently made statements on the sugar frenzy. Instead of buying into it, they actually want consumers to limit their sugar intake! Mars, Inc. is responsible for candy products such as M&Ms, Snickers, and Milky Way. They are, without a doubt, one of the heavy hitters in the candy industry. This popular company has recently made a statement regarding added sugar and the safety regulations behind it. The company has come to fully support the United States government and their effort to label added sugar products appropriately. Back in 2008, the World Health Organization lobbied to make candy companies responsible for telling consumers just how much added sugar was in their products. Not only did these companies refuse to label products that contained added sugar, they supported politicians who threatened to stop the funding of the W.H.O. With their budget on the line, the W.H.O. backed down. They spent the next few years trying to find substantial evidence as to why they should warn consumers of sugar concerns. Mars, Inc. has just made it a little easier for the W.H.O. Mars has always been a forward thinking company; with their statement on added sugar content and labeling, the W.H.O. is hoping other companies follow suit.

Panera Raises Their Standards for Clean Eating

The media continues to pay great attention to the caliber of products manufactured and distributed via the many choices offered to us from grocery stores to the restaurants we frequent.

Food manufacturers and restaurant chains have suffered past criticism for their use of additives such as “pink slime”, MSG, and others, but the popular food chain Panera is seeking to change the horizon of its patrons wondering exactly what type of food additives they are consuming. In an effort to be more transparent with their menu selections, Panera has devised what they have deemed their “No No List” of foods.

According to this recent article from USA TODAY, Panera will remove at least 150 ingredients deemed “unacceptable” from its stores including additives, preservatives, and artitfical ingredients such as sulfur dioxide, maltodextrin, and BHT.

Foodies at Boraie Development know that Panera’s CEO, Ron Shaich, told Fortune that his standard is less about what makes business sense but rather is driven by his concerns as a father. His children eat Panera food 10 to 11 times a week and he wants to make sure they are eating well. His patrons will appreciate Shaich’s sentiment that his customers “are no different than my daughter.”

Ben & Jerry Pot Lace Ice Cream Is On The Way

Co-Founder Ben Cohen Likes The Idea Of Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

The KFC Corporation has stepped into the cannabis-infused food business, so the idea of cannabis-infused ice cream makes some sense. A Richmond, California company is already making pot-laced ice cream for California medical marijuana prescription holders. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream would be a natural fit once marijuana is legalized in most states, or it is taken off the FDA’s Schedule1 drug list.

Susan McGalla stated that the company  co-founder Ben Cohen is on board, and Jerry Greenfield is warming up to the idea since they both have experimented with pot in the past. Pot-infused food is here to stay. Food manufacturers around the country want to get a piece of the lucrative marijuana business, but some are more excited than others. The stigma of pot smoking is still a major roadblock for some companies in the food industry.

Ben & Jerry’s has always been a company that’s not afraid of stepping into the unknown pond of consumer likes and dislikes. The company already has 17 names for their pot-infused products. How many of those flavors actually hit retailers around the country is still in the planning stage.

Ben and Jerry Go on the Record to Say They’d Support a Marijuana-infused Ice Cream, but the Company Won’t

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the men behind Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream went on the record with the Huffington Post to say they would be behind a marijuana-infused ice cream, wherever marijuana is legal.

According to the duo, they could see how the two would go together, and slyly indicated they may have some experience with the substance, but they have a legal team that surely would strike down the notion.

According to the pair, they are for marijuana legalization, as they don’t see the point of putting people in jail for not hurting other people, but stoners dreaming of a marijuana ice cream will probably have to continue dreaming as the duo noted on their site. According to Greenfield if it was up to him, the ice cream would be made, but they have wiser heads in the company, and they’d be unlikely to go for the concoction.

For Ben and Jerry lovers, however, there are a couple of flavors that pay homage to the stoner culture. Satisfy my Bowl, a flavor that pays homage to Bob Marley was recently released. The flavor include banana ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls. Chocolate peace signs also dot the frozen treat. Magic Brownie is another flavor that is popular among Dave Matthews Band fans. The ice cream has a black raspberry base, swirled with sweet cream ice cream and brownie bites.

A Brief look at The Antique Wine Company

Many people when they think wine, thin The Antique Wine Company. This a name that has a rich history in the wine industry. Ever since their beginnings more than 25 years ago,, the company has grown to have a very impressive resume over the years. When you have 20,000 clients and your cellars hold more than 10,000 bottles of some of the best in vintage wines, you are obviously doing something right. The company has earned a reputation for holding record breaking wine collections. Also, a lot of the services that are offered are sourcing rare wines, providing private wine master classes and finally cellar planning.


The company was founded more than twenty-five years ago by Stephen Williams. Before he was the owner of one of the largest wine merchants in London, Williams had a career in banking. Over the course of the last few decades, Williams has worked to make the company not only a leader in the wine industry, but the leader for all things wine related. From their headquarters in London and their two locations in Asia, AWC provides fine wines to a number of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants along with a number of private individuals.


Stephen Williams  is the oldest of three children where he was raised in Ripley which was a town that was largely industrial in Derbyshire. It was here that Williams‘ father sold cash registers. At the age of ten, his parents separated and he was from this point forth raised by his mother. It was in these years that Stephen Williams learned a lot of the lessons that helped him see that selling life insurance or banking was not going to be the path that he needed to pursue. It was in the 1980’s that he founded The Antique Wine Company


AWC who has teamed up with Focus Wine Cellars to help a person plan and design their ideal wine cellar. Many people who have experienced the end results of their wine cellar design have said that if you can dream it, then they can build it for you. This is one of the many things that have gone on to help make AWC the leader in all things wine related. In general, the company is seeing their best times ever and the best is still yet to come.


Van Leeuwen Opens New Shop in West Village

Van Leeuwen is an artisanal ice cream giant in New York. And the company has just opened a new shop in the West Village, to the delight of the area’s residents. All the ice cream flavors are created locally in Greenpoint, and the company has both conventional and vegan flavors to choose from.

O’Neil states that they’ve wanted to open a shop in this part of town for quite some time now. Fans of the icecream like Zeca Oliveira know that pints of Van Leeuwen’s classic and vegan flavors are also available at Whole Foods locations in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

O’Neil also confirms that the company is moving to a larger Greenpoint location. At present, the Greenpoint store shares the site with sister restaurant Selamat Pagi.

The truth behind your Valentine’s Dinner

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be perusing lists of restaurants only to find your local favorite is now competing with the world’s most expensive restaurants. Surprisingly, it’s not because they’re looking to make a few more dollars. Turns out, the science behind what to charge on Valentine’s Day is a bit more complicated.

Special Ingredients
Securing the exotic ingredients they’ll serve on Valentine’s in order to wow their guests is no easy feat for chefs. All the restaurants look for truffles, venison, fine cheese and caviar and there’s only so much to go around. The price for these fancy delights sky-rockets during the Valentine period. Restaurants must adjust for the rising prices.

Full diner, less diners

When couples go out for a hundred dollar valentine’s dinner they’re expecting to remain at the table much longer than their Friday night date. Flavio Maluf knows that they’ll order a bottle of wine, even desert but, restaurants find they serve only two-thirds of the guests they’ll serve on a typical night.

Find deal with small local diners
If Prix fixe has you down this Valentine’s Day, opt for smaller, local dinners that can’t draw the crowds that larger dinners do.