Passion And Hard Work Trumps Entitlement and Demands With Susan McGalla

There are a lot of discussions when it comes to equality and work related issues. There is a legitimate issue in the workplace. This issue is that women are faced with a little bit of extra challenge. However, there are two ways to go about it. One way is to be up to the challenge and work hard proving oneself to be reliable and good for the business. The other way would be to sulk and demand that things be different. The unfortunate thing is that things rarely change with protest. The best way to make changes is to work for the changes.


One person that has decided to work hard and not get sucked into all of the politics is Susan McGalla. She has worked at a time when women were less likely to work in office. Susan has worked for various companies and held leadership positions in companies like American Eagle Outfitters. She has started in this position as the only woman in the office. Therefore, she was faced with a lot of challenges. However, she has addressed people as equals and has not made any point to indulge in any discriminatory talk. She has lived the life of equality as opposed to just merely talked about equality.


Her talent for relating to people regardless of gender has made her a very reliable person. She has also helped expand American Eagle Outfitters to include clothing for women. For one thing, this has shown a dedication and commitment to equality. Susan McGalla could have easily fostered an entitlement mentality and demanded that she gets treated a certain way. Instead, she has acted in the best interest of the business that she has been apart of. She has also taken her experience and used it to start her own successful business.


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