Pies n’ Thighs Introduces the Sourdough Doughnut

Pies n’ Thighs, a Williamsburg restaurant that offers authentic and creative southern fare, is making its way to NYC. The new location will be in Manhattan, and features the sourdough doughnut. This treat is a combination of sweet, salty, savory and sour flavors, so it’s sure to appeal to the taste buds of most of the restaurant’s patrons. The dough is also prepared three days in advance to intensify the sourdough flavor.

The restaurant also sells a rising doughnut with a yeast-rye starter. This doughnut can be served with both sweet and savory meals.

Even though it’s certainly not hard to find doughnuts in NYC, Pies n’ Thighs is the place to go for diners who want a little something different for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When Dr. Jennifer Walden is in for seminars, this is one treat she deeply enjoys.

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