Securus Technologies-Wireless Containment Systems.

Robert Johnson is an ex-corrections executive who is very concerned at stopping inmates from accessing mobile phones and other contrabands. He was attacked by a prisoner and has injuries of the six shots on his chest and stomach. He was attacked at his home almost seven years ago. While narrating the story about the occurrence, Johnson said that he first heard a boom on his house’s front door and the attacker pointed a gun at him. He was shot and can’t remember the things that happened after until when he found himself lying on the bathroom floor with multiple injuries in his body.

Johnson was in charge of inmate’s phones confiscation, and that was the reason as to why a prisoner plotted for his attack. Since then, Mr. Johnson has been innovating methods to stop prisoners from accessing cell phones. His mission is to prevent more crimes. Johnson also noted that some three inmates terminated a baby’s life for the reason that the baby’s uncle did something against their will.

Robert Johnson believes that confiscating inmates’ cell phones is way not enough. He argues that the best way to stop prisoners from using cell phones is by use of technology. Johnson pointed out that technology can be used to block all calls in prisons. Robert now works as a paid consultant for the Securus Technologies. The State of Florida is tasking the Securus Technologies with the role of devising technological methods to stop calls from connecting in the prisons. Sean Echols was arrested and convicted of trying to kill Mr. Johnson. Echols had been recently released from jail.

Securus Wireless Containment Solutions is an accepted, tested and proven technology that is effective to interdict contrabands. The system is designed specially to detect any contraband and also prevent any use of cellphones in prisons.

Securus Technologies published its analytical data that was collected by use of the company’s Wireless Containment Solution. The released data proved the country’s contraband phone menace. It also validated the efficiency of the devised technology to curb the problem. Securus managed to detect and disconnect about 1.7 million illicit communication trials in close to eight United States correctional amenities within the period between July 2016 and July 2017.

On his comments, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Richard Smith, said that Securus Technology had invested more than $40 million and pledged to continue developing the technology to make sure that it remains in the forefront to detection and prevention of the illegal cellphones in the corrections amenities. Smith also recommended that the Securus Wireless Containment Solution is keen to decrease the amount of paperwork and encouraging wireless carriers to serve the facilities.


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