Todd Lubar More Than Just A Businessman

Todd Lubar is a financial leader. Todd has a proven track record and an ability to thrive in any market. Todd began his career in the real estate industry in 1995. Todd knew early on that he would be able to be a true leader and competitor in a variety of areas within his field. Todd has a dynamic leadership style that transcends multiple industries. These traits allow Todd to create long lasting business relationships, that cultivate environments where clients are embraced and valued. In 1999 Todd used his experience to gain a position with Legacy Financial Group where he was able to build his business portfolio. Todd additionally enjoys supporting undeserved clients. Todd’s 12 years plus of experience allows for him to create a certain perspective within the financial world, which sets him apart from other professionals. Todd Lubar has amassed over 7000 transactions in his financial career. This number shows that Todd has the ability and unique eye for seeking out the best clients, and executing an outstanding game plan for every transaction made.

In addition to all his other financial successes Todd Lubar decided to also start up another real estate company named Legendary Properties LLC. Todd’s decision to expand his business portfolio came as a surprise to no one in the industry, as Todd is recognized as a strong and persistent business mind within the financial world. Todd Lubar continues to dominate with his vision and passion for business. Todd believes that he will always continue to add value to the industry, and that he should live a better life today than he did yesterday.

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