Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

Everyone would love and excuse to eat more chocolate. And now, thanks to this article, you have one! Not only can you eat more chocolate, but you should. Studies have found that increasing your chocolate intake to a moderate amount can provide many health benefits.

The largest benefit of eating chocolate is the benefit to your heart. Those that consume up to one chocolate bar daily were at an eleven percent lesser risk of having a heat attack, the study showed.

Another major benefit to eating chocolate is a decreased risk of a stroke stated UOL.com. The same study looked at thousands of elderly people– both those who did, and did not, consumer chocolate. It found that those that ate approximately one bar of chocolate per day also had a twenty-three percent lower risk of having a stroke.

Scientists do not know, for sure, that the chocolate itself is what provides the health benefits. Those that consumed more chocolate tended to be younger, have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), a smaller weight to hip ratio and commit to more vigorious activity.

The study questioned if chocolate provided major health benefits or if those who consumed chocolate were happier and more likely to perform physical activity that would keep them healthy. Avid chocolate lovers would love to believe that it’s the chocolate itself that is keeping them healthy but the happiness that their beloved chocolate brings them just might be what’s causing all of the health benefits.

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